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Boon's Flo multi-functional faucet cover

January 29, 2008 The design team from Boon Inc. has developed a multi-functional faucet cover which meets a number of bath time needs: it may help prevent injury, has a cascading waterfall that tots will love and delivers bubbles at the touch of a button.  Read More

Switch on the TV - it's bath-time

Friday November 7, 2003: Casio, one of the world's greatest exponents of functional miniaturisation, has released a miniature waterproof television onto the Japanese market.  Read More

Steam bath and shower for Gizmo freaks

For people who are endeared to devices with lots of controls and multiple functions, Comfort Living has a bathroom playground ideally suited to you. Though it goes by the name of a Steam Bath, it is actually a multi-function device and depending on which buttons you press, it is also a bath, a spa bath, a foot massager, a sauna, a body massager and proving that they've thought of everything, it has two shower nozzles for those who like to shower with their friends.  Read More

La Scala Jacuzzi combines big screen

Every bathroom should have one - the La Scala Bathing and Entertainment Centre brings together a 42-inch high-definition Plasma monitor and powerful surround sound system with the luxury of a personal spa bath.  Read More

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