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Bang Olufsen

Polished aluminum finish, tilt orientation sensor and touch sensitive backlight operation ...

Inspired by Mozart's famous Opera, the new Beotime alarm clock will, according to its creator Bang & Olufsen, turn the chore of waking up in the morning into an "extraordinary experience". As well as finding all the usual functionality of a standard alarm clock onboard, the elegant flute-like tube of aluminum can help you control all of your (compatible) audio/video gadgetry and even your room lights. As the suggested price tag of USD$375 indicates, this is no run-of-the-mill alarm clock.  Read More

The BeoVision 7-40 with integrated Blu-ray player.

Bang & Olufsen has announced the release of the BeoVision 7-40 flat-screen LCD TV, incorporating a Blu-ray player and double-frame-rate technology.  Read More

At 103 inches, Bang & Olufsen's BeoVision4-103 is one of the biggest on the market

If Bang & Olufsen’s spanking new BeoVision 4 103-inch plasma TV were a mouth it would swallow you whole – and you wouldn’t even touch the sides going down. That’s how big it is – and one of the biggest going around – with a pretty big price to match.  Read More

Bang & Olufsen's BeoVision 4-103 plasma: 500 kilos, 103 inches, USD$123,000

March 20, 2009 Danish design company Bang & Olufsen has gone mega with its BeoVision 4 HDTV, formerly available in 50 and 65 inch versions, and announced the BeoVision 4-103 – a 103 inch plasma that weighs in at 500 kgs and will sell for GBP 85,000 (USD 123,000) when it hits showrooms in June. The screen is manufactured by Panasonic, but comes with a host of B&O picture improvement and home theatre technologies, the usual B&O knock-out styling and functionality, and a motorized stand that can be used to adjust the viewing angle and rotate the display, plus a motorized centre channel speaker which moves up and down so it can be concealed when not in use.  Read More

BeoSound 5 controller

As more of us store and access music and media in a digital format and our personal collections grow, the need for fast and convenient access becomes increasingly important. Bang & Olufsen have addressed this with the Beosound 5 digital music system, a product designed to bridge the gap between the company’s high-end hi-fi system. The heart of the system is the BeoSound 5 controller. Sporting a 10.4 inch 1024 x 768 LCD display and aluminium scroll wheel, it weighs in at 2.65kg and can be table top or wall mounted.  Read More

The Bang & Olufsen BeoSound DBS integrates seamlessly into the luxury auto interior

Aston Martin and Bang & Olufsen have collaborated to produce the BeoSound DBS audio system – it’s one of the most expensive audio systems on the planet, mainly because you have to purchase an Aston Martin DBS to get your hands on one. The system is seamlessly integrated into the DBS’s bespoke interior, providing the driver with an unrivalled audio experience. Consisting of 13 individual speakers and Bang & Olufsen’s unique Digital Signal Processing system, the system transforms the DBS into an acoustically sophisticated venue, capable of conveying subtle and striking musical dynamics from every source.  Read More

Platinum coated iPhone

December 11, 2007 Goldstriker International have announced new additions to their expanding range of luxuriously finished consumer electronics showpieces which include a 24ct. gold plated iPhone. The company's new Power of Platinum collection makes some of the world’s most sought after gadgets even more desirable by coating them in the world’s most precious metal.  Read More

B&O mobile headset with Bluetooth and DSP

May 4, 2007 Bang & Olufsen’s A8 earphones are now five years old but remain one of the most functional and aesthetic earphones on the market, having subsequently spawned the Earset 1 for mobile phones. Now the Danish tastemeister has evolved the distinctive, comfortable and stylish design to incorporate Bluetooth and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) noise cancellation technology. The US$420 Earset 2 offers four hours of talk time, weighs just 22g and will perform most admirably in any environment where background noise can take over. Exceptional transmission quality is achieved by two omni-directional microphones which filter and suppress background noise, giving the best voice transmission possible. The loudspeaker in Earset 2 is a fully-fledged closed cabinet loudspeaker unit in miniature. Supported by air vents and a bass port together with an ergonomic design, the loudspeaker has a frequency response that gives an exceptionally high degree of tonal precision.  Read More

BeoLab 9 loudspeaker combines superior sound with freedom of placement

April 2, 2007 A strong manifestation of Bang & Olufsen’s sound competences, the BeoLab 9 is the fourth loudspeaker from B&O that applies Acoustic Lens Technology licensed from Sausalito Audio Works in the treble area. Partly integrated into the conically-shaped cabinet that holds the mid-range and bass units, the lens sits atop the speaker - almost like a lighthouse – dispersing the treble in an arc of 180 degrees. Normally, a loudspeaker’s performance is strongly influenced by its physical position in the room. Yet, Beolab 9 adapts to its placement through a manual position switch that makes it possible to place the speaker in a corner or close to the wall without compromising the sound.  Read More

Invisible sound from Bang & Olufsen

February 26, 2007 Adding further validity to the “sound systems should be heard and not seen” school of thought is the news that long-term discerner of public taste Bang & Olufsen is to release a passive loudspeaker that can be placed in places where active loudspeakers fall short. Bang & Olufsen has played a leading role in the evolution of entertainment systems and its BeoVox 1 points to the future of home entertainment. Being a built-in loudspeaker, BeoVox 1 fits nicely and discreetly in hallways or rooms where you do not have much space. It can be completely concealed in the walls or in the ceiling. It's extremely well suited for places where the primary activity is not listening to music, but where you'd still like to have music either as secondary entertainment or background sound. Another product from the imagination of designer David Lewis, the two-way passive system includes 1” treble unit and a 6” mid-range/bass unit, delivering a frequency range of 50-20,000 Hz.  Read More

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