Good Thinking

Tank-track carry-on case rolls with stairs

Steps are the nemesis of the wheeled suitcase. There's a certain satisfaction in gliding a case over a smooth airport floor, but, faced with a flight of stairs, a heavily-packed case cam quickly become something of an encumbrance. Not so the TraxPack, which drops onto its side to slide up staircases with relative ease.Read More

Digital Cameras

Agua offers storm-proof quick-draw camera carrying

Photographers normally have to choose between having their camera protected from the elements, or being ready to shoot at a moment’s notice. Having recently exceeded its Kickstarter target, the Agua is a storm-proof quick-draw camera carrier which aims to change that by boasting IPX3-standard water-resistance and also doubling up as a carry strap.Read More


Speed Up Bag carries cyclists' stuff and reduces drag

It's not uncommon for cyclists to carry snacks, phones, wallets or other items in a handlebar-mounted bag when out for a ride. Unfortunately, though, putting a block-shaped bag right on the front of the bike doesn't do wonders for its aerodynamics. That's why Slovenian inventor Joze Petkovsek created the Speed Up Bag. Not only is it sleeker than a regular bag, but a bicycle equipped with one is claimed to produce less wind drag than one with no bag at all. Read More


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