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BAE Systems

London takes delivery of hybrid-drive double-decker

London's iconic double-decker buses may soon add a green heart to their familiar red exterior. Having already made an impact in North America, buses equipped with BAE Systems’ diesel-electric HybriDrive propulsion system are soon to be trailed on the other side of the Atlantic. The first of 17 evaluation units built by Britain’s Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL) and BAE Systems was delivered this week to bus operator Transport for London and Metrobus.  Read More

The Dillon M134 - the second coming of the Gatling Gun

Just over a 140 years ago, Richard Gatling’s famous multiple barrel invention became the scourge of the battlefield with its fearsome firepower and was used by colonising European powers to decimate the warriors of the non-industrialized nations they sought to conquer. Nowadays, the electrically-powered Dillon Aero M134D Minigun is taking the concept to new heights, using six barrels to fire up to 4,000 7.62 MM bullets per minute. As the modular M134D system can be easily adapted to any platform, it is finding favour in a host of new fearsome forms, most notably in the BAE-built Remote Guardian System being tested beneath V-22 Ospreys. Perhaps even scarier is the prospect of the weapon being used aboard the Ripsaw MS-1, a tracked 650-horsepower Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) under development which is capable of accelerating to 50 mph from standstill in around four seconds, turning in its own length and taking a 30 foot high 45 degree hill in its stride. Now is not a good time to be on the wrong team. Proof? Watch this!  Read More

NLOS Cannon firing at Yuma

May 14, 2008 The Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) Cannon Firing Platform first unveiled back in June 2006 is now approaching its final stages of assembly ahead of delivery of the first prototype to the US Army in June.  Read More

A notional representation of what a future micro autonomous robot may look like
 (Graphic ...

April 29, 2008 From fire fighting to termite eradication and exploring the Martian surface, the role of robots in performing tasks that are too dangerous for humans is already well established. Like many emerging technologies, the key driving force behind the development of these systems comes from military applications where robots are now regularly employed for tasks such as battlefield reconnaissance, communications and neutralizing the threat of explosive devices. In the latest news in this rapidly evolving field, BAE Systems has signed a $38 million agreement with the U.S. Army Research Laboratory to spearhead development of the next-generation intelligence-gathering military robots with a focus on versatile, miniature platforms suited to use urban environments and inaccessible terrain.  Read More

Orion VII hybrid-drive transit buses

February 7, 2008 A government report has shown that the new Orion buses in New York City cost 40% less to maintain and 24% less to operate than earlier-generation hybrids.  Read More

Orion diesel-electric hybrid bus

December 19, 2007 Public transport organizations in the USA and Canada have ordered a total of 1052 Orion VII Next Generation diesel-electric hybrid buses with New York to have the largest diesel-electric hybrid bus fleet in the world by 2010.  Read More

ARGUS-IS will be applied to both unmanned and manned surveillance platforms. (Pictured is ...

November 9, 2007 BAE Systems will head-up the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) Autonomous Real-Time Ground Ubiquitous Surveillance Imaging System (ARGUS-IS) program after the company received an $18.5 million contract to develop a new class of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) technology.  Read More

Q-Sight - Pilots view

BAE Systems has developed a new line of lightweight, modular and ergonomic helmet-mounted displays for rotary-wing pilots known as Q-Sight. The four-ounce model is highly integrated with existing gear, compatible with night-vision goggle, attachable to any helmet and easily altered for different missions.  Read More

The M326 'Quickstow'

October 18, 2007 BAE Systems has won a US$13.9 million contract to supply its M326 120-mm Mortar Stowage System to the U.S. Army. The hydraulic lift system is designed for loading 300-pound mortar tubes out of humvee trailers - freeing up the 3-4 soldiers normally required for the task and facilitating faster firing and movement of the weapon.  Read More

BAE to develop next-generation night-vision goggles

September 25, 2007 U.S. army soldiers will be the recipients of enhanced night vision goggles that use digital imagery to improve mobility and situational awareness under all lighting conditions, overcoming battlefield obscurants that would generally hinder vision. Under development by BAE systems as part of the Enhanced Night Vision Goggle program for the U.S. defense forces the helmet-mounted system will digitally combine video imagery from a low-light-level visible sensor and an uncooled long-wave infrared sensor onto a single color display located in front of the soldier's eye.  Read More

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