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Smart backpack helps you keep track of your stuff

Backpacks are one of the most convenient ways to carry around a wide range of gear throughout your day – but only if you remember to pack it up with all you need in the first place. Forget something and the usefulness of the backpack drops significantly. By combining technologies that already exist in one form or another into one backpack, the Klifit – now raising funds on Kickstarter – aims to keep you organized, charged and secure.Read More


Nesting kayak can be carried like a backpack

While touring kayaks are great for exploring your local waterways, they can be quite a hassle to carry over long distances. It was with this in mind that Pakayak created the Bluefin 14. It's a modular plastic kayak that comes apart into six pieces. Those components nest within one another, and can then be carried like a backpack – albeit a big, heavy one.Read More

Wearables Review

Review: Plugging in with the MOS Pack charging backpack

There's a growing number of bags that are designed to provide energy to devices while on the go. Many backpacks, such as the Poros Tetra, AMPL Labs backpack, and TYLT Energi+, embed a USB battery to tap into. Successfully funded on Kickstarter, the MOS Pack charging backpack takes a slightly different approach by incorporating the company's power extension solution instead. We recently had the opportunity to check out what it's like to load up and plug in MOS's modern backpack.Read More


Trailpod three-wheel roller targets all-terrain gear hauling

For generations, the backpack has been the go-to means of hauling gear and clothing into vehicle-free stretches of the outdoors. Wheeled man-trailers are trying hard to catch up, though. In the past few years, we've covered the Monowalker and Armadillo trailers and have seen one or two similar designs rolling through crowdfunding and design sites. The Trailpod is yet another option, utilizing a unique triple-wheel, floating-axle construction to roll your provisions over sand, mud, grass and anything else that gets in your way.
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Good Thinking Review

Review: Going orbital with the Wolffepack Metro

A few years back, while making my way under the streets of Paris aboard a packed Metro train, I witnessed a light-fingered opportunist start to help himself to the contents of a fellow traveler's backpack. She had no idea that anything was amiss until the alarm was raised by myself and other passengers, much to the annoyance and obvious disappointment of the would-be thief. Needless to say that ever since that episode I've taken to removing my gadget-filled backpack when commuting and holding onto it. Tightly. The successfully-crowdfunded Wolffepack Metro was designed so that commuters can keep their belongings close to their chests or access a bag's contents without having to remove it from the shoulders. Gizmag has had one in for review and spent the last couple of weeks in full orbital swing.Read More


Paxis backpack provides quick access with swinging pouch

Backpacks are an essential means of everyday carry for everyone from grade school students to world record-setting athletes. While they remain one of the most comfortable and popular ways of carrying equipment, books, clothing, food and water around, they're not perfect. The Paxis backpack attempts to solve one downside, eliminating the need to take the pack off to access your most essential items.Read More


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