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Controlled Power Technologies shows 48V electric supercharger

By - October 4, 2011 1 Picture
The 16th Annual Supercharging conference was held last week at the Technical University of Dresden in Germany where many interesting new developments in the critically important field of forced induction were shown. Most motor vehicles only use maximum power for a small fraction of their time on the road, and with downsizing of engines now standard practice for the auto industry, supercharging is an ideal way of providing that power boost from a small engine. We've written previously about Controlled Power Technologies' (CPT) 12 volt electric supercharger, but it now has a 48 volt version which uses 7 kW of electrical power and delivers (an extra) six to ten times that power at the crankshaft for overtaking and steep hills. Read More
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AVL DiTEST DPM 800: dynamic pressure measurement for motorsport

By - January 6, 2010 3 Pictures
With many auto racing formulae now requiring engines to last many races or a whole season, the new AVL DPM 800 (DPM stands for Dynamic Pressure Measurement) is a gadget many autosport race teams will be keen to get their hands on - it's an in-cylinder pressure transducer that comprises a proprietary Piezo spark plug system with built-in pressure sensor which will enable engine tuning and the accurate gauging of wear rates and potential longevity as the season progresses. The DPM 800 will cost EUR 6550 when it is launched at the Autosport Engineering Show at NEC in Birmingham next week - an absolute bargain compared to what it offers. Read More
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Electrically supercharged gasoline engine achieves diesel levels of CO2

By - May 5, 2009 1 Picture
We have previously written about the potential of UK-based Controlled Power Technologies' (CPT) electrically driven supercharger and that potential came closer to realization this week when CPT and the world’s largest independent developer of vehicle powertrains, AVL List GmbH (AVL), unvelied a jointly developed gasoline engine that retains all the strengths, develops more power and at the same time reduces CO2 levels to that of an equivalent diesel powertrain. Read More

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