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Under wraps ... the flying taxi.  Inventor Michael Robert Dacre has died testing a prototy...

The inventor of the ‘flying taxi’, Michael Robert Dacre, has died after a newly-assembled Jetpod prototype crashed during a test flight at Tekah airstrip, Taiping. Dacre, 53, was British-based Avcen Ltd’s managing director. He died at the scene.  Read More

The Jetpod gives vision to the future of flight

The Jetpod is a Very Quiet Short Take-Off and Landing twin-jet aircraft, can cruise at 300 knots (350 mph, 550 kmh) and requires just 125 metres to take-off or land using a combination of horizontal and vertical thrust. The Jetpod takes off then reconfigures from a VQSTOL jet into a fast-jet accelerating to 350 mph in just a few seconds. Just 16 months from first flight, the jetpod could represent the future of transport.  Read More

Flying taxi service to offer sky-high commuting

November 29, 2004 UK based company Avcen has unveiled an flying-taxi concept aimed at giving urban commuters an aerial alternative by 2010. The "Jetpod" is a small twin-jet aircraft with a new VQSTOL (Very Quiet Short Take-off and Landing) technology that reduces noise emissions by up to 50% and enables short-distance air travel in built up urban areas. Requiring just 125 meters to take off and 300 meters to land, Avcen hopes busy metropolitan cities will embrace the Jetpod, building elevated runways above harbors, roads and railway tracks to handle arrivals and departures from "park-and-fly" terminals located in the suburbs.  Read More

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