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Rinspeed combines autonomous driving and drone tech in Ʃtos concept

Each year, Swiss automotive think tank Rinspeed reveals an all-new forward-looking concept car at the annual Geneva Motor Show. Last year it showed a robotic autonomous concept called Budii, and in past years, it's revealed a six-wheeled range-extending electric minicar, a truly go-anywhere amphibious hybrid and a shape-shifting electric 1+2. In 2016, Rinspeed will switch venues and reveal a drone-docking autonomous car at the Consumer Electronics Show. The car is called Ʃtos, and like all those previous Rinspeed designs, it's as interesting and thought-provoking as it is weird and overdesigned. Read More

Tesla's Autopilot software upgrade due this week

A long-awaited software update from Tesla is due to be rolled out this week, adding elements of autonomy to its all-electric vehicles. CEO Elon Musk has revealed that Tesla Version 7 software with Autopilot is set for a worldwide release this Thursday, featuring other upgrades and a fresh new look for its user interface. Read More


Subaru gets active and automated with new Viziv concept

Subaru has already trotted three Viziv (Vision for Innovation) designs out over the past two years – the original 2013 Viziv concept, the Viziv 2 and the Viziv GT video game race car. Now it's reusing that semi-portmanteau once again for the Viziv Future concept. All the Viziv concepts have been forward-looking, but none more so than the Future. The new concept car is infused with next-generation technologies and design solutions inside and out.
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Peugeot Citroën's self-driving car makes Paris to Bordeaux run

A PSA Peugeot Citroën driverless vehicle has journeyed 580 km (360 miles) on the motorway from Paris to Bordeaux entirely in autonomous mode. Automatically maintaining its speed to the road conditions and traffic, as well as independently changing lanes to pass slower traffic, the Peugeot Citroën completed the journey without incident and demonstrated the increasing viability of driverless motor vehicles.Read More

Public gets first taste of Lutz Pathfinder pod

The electric-powered Lutz Pathfinder pod was presented to the public of Milton Keynes, UK, yesterday. The two-seater is due to be trialed as a means of ferrying members of the public around town, initially under driver control but eventually as a fully autonomous vehicle.Read More


Autonomous catamaran begins studying the Celtic Sea

Have you ever wondered why the Celtic Sea, located off the south coast of Ireland, is home to so many marine predators? No? Well, scientists at Britain’s National Oceanography Centre have. This month they set about finding out, using a long-endurance autonomous surface vehicle known as the C-Enduro.Read More

Automotive Feature

Man vs. machine: Can self-driving cars really replace human drivers?

Self-driving autonomous vehicles have been dominating the headlines this year like never before: they've gone from sci-fi fantasy to actual reality in a very short space of time, and manufacturers say some form of automobile automation will arrive by 2020 or even earlier. If you're wondering exactly how far the technology has come and how far it has to go, we're here to answer some of those questions.Read More


Mcity opens as a first-of-its-kind sandbox for autonomous and connected vehicles

Mcity at the University of Michigan is defined by over 28 acres (11 hectares) of fake buildings, purposefully defaced road signs, and pedestrians pointedly standing in roadways. While this could tax any human driver, the Mcity simulation is designed to test the university's fleet of connected and autonomous vehicles as they interact with an everchanging research facility that's the first of its kind.Read More


Mercedes to pack greater semi-autonomy into upcoming E-Class

In the push to lower the road toll and make life easier for drivers, auto manufacturers are packing more and more semi-autonomous features into their cars. When it comes time to launch the new E-Class, Mercedes is hoping to be ahead of the curve by offering up a range of comfort- and safety-oriented semi-autonomous features in its new driver assistance package that do everything from help the driver steer in dangerous situations, to protect occupants' hearing in the event of a crash.Read More


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