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Review: Theatre Box wireless 3D speaker offers portable 3D sound

Born from Kickstarter, the Acemile Theatre Box wireless 3D speaker has blossomed into the kind of triumph that so many campaigns dream of. Not only was the project over-funded by a healthy margin, but backers started to receive tracking numbers for their speakers roughly three months after the close of funding. Talk about a fast efficient turnaround time. But does the Theatre Box deliver on sound? Read on for our experience with this crowdfunded success.Read More

Zipbuds Slide earbuds use zipperless zipper to avoid tangles

The convenience of a wireless Bluetooth connection over the snarl of headphone cables is obvious, but some manufacturers are still sticking with the tried-and-true wired approach. One such company, Zipbuds, had created zipper-styled, tangle-resistant earphones and has launched the Zipbuds Slide, which feature a zipperless zipper.Read More

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Review: Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7 headphones

Audio-Technica is probably best known for its headphones, such as the ATH-M50 professional studio monitor headphones and the slightly more consumer-oriented ATH-M50x model. But not everyone wants to wear something you’d find in a DJ’s backpack, which is where the more street-ready ATH-MSR7 headphones come in. We've spent some time with our ears wrapped in the units to see how they perform.

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Automatic music classification system puts songs in their place

It's a growing problem: a dizzying number of songs get released to online music stores and streaming services or uploaded to archives around the world each day, and those songs need to be categorized. But how? Play the same song to 10 people and they might each put it into a different genre or subgenre. An automated genre identification system developed by researchers in India, which they claim is the best yet, could be the answer.Read More


Olympus VP-10 promises to rid voice recordings of rustle

Take it from someone who knows, attending press conferences can sometimes be a bit of crush. Imagine the disappointment of finding enough room to finally sit down and type up some notes from a handheld audio recorder, only to find that the words are muffled behind sounds of rustling clothes or are not loud enough to register on the device. Olympus says that its pocket-friendly VP-10 audio recorder makes both issues a thing of the past.Read More


Denon brings its HEOS Wi-Fi audio system outdoors

About a year ago, audio manufacturer Denon released its HEOS Wi-Fi music system, one of the latest members of a burgeoning market of Sonos competitors. Now it's added the all-new HEOS 1 speaker, bringing the buy-in price for the system down while throwing in a bonus: it's weather-resistant and designed to be used outside as well as inside. With the new Go Pack, it even becomes a fully portable Bluetooth speaker.Read More

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Axiom Audio puts the power of Pi into new wireless speaker

Canadian loudspeaker maker Axiom Audio reckons its new AxiomAir brings something new to the wireless speaker system table. It's been designed to liberate listeners from the single user, low powered, low fidelity confines of Bluetooth portable speakers into the higher quality streaming world of Wi-Fi. But what really sets this speaker apart is the fully functional Raspberry Pi computer beating at its heart. While this allows future Axiom updates to be installed with the touch of a button on the user interface, it also opens the door to user-created applications.Read More

Mobile Technology

OpenEars headphones designed to bring binaural sound recording to the mainstream

Binaural recordings use two microphones to capture sound in the same way it is captured by human ears. The spatial depth of the resulting 3D sound is often impressive, but it can only be fully appreciated when wearing headphones and the recording process tends to be reserved for professionals as it usually involves a dummy head with a microphone placed in each ear. A German company called Binauric is looking to bring binaural recording to a wider audience with its OpenEars Bluetooth in-ear headphones that feature a microphone in each earpiece.

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