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Review: iShower 2 Bluetooth speaker

iDevices is a company that doesn't believe in fixing what isn't broken, at least if the iShower 2, its latest iteration of its water-resistant shower speaker, is any indication. The Bluetooth device is nearly identical to the original iShower with just a few upgrades. Gizmag spent part of the northern summer with the latest version to see if it enables the ideal shower singing experience.Read More

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Yamaha breathes new life into MusicCast multi-room music streaming

Since launching in 2005, Sonos has pretty much dominated the multi-room wireless speaker scene. But it may surprise you to learn that Yamaha customers could stream music around their homes at least a couple of years earlier courtesy of the company's MusicCAST network audio system. Originally comprising a CD ripper/hard drive server and receiver stations, Yamaha revamped the digital audio streaming platform in 2009 and included a touchscreen remote controller, the ability to connect to a portable music player over Bluetooth and support for streaming music services and internet radio. Now, MusicCast has been updated again, with Yamaha promising a range of more than 20 enabled products by the end of 2015.Read More

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Review: Trinity Audio Engineering Delta in-ear monitors

When it comes to high-end audio, many options out there tend to bring along a high-end cost. While price may not be much of an issue for audiophiles or audio enthusiasts, the average consumer probably doesn’t want to shell out hundreds upon hundreds for some headphones or earbuds. But Trinity Audio Engineering is aiming to provide quality sound without the steep premium. We get some ears-in with the Trinity Audio Delta in-ear monitors (IEMs) to see if the company delivers on its vision.Read More


Trinity Audio in-ear monitors feature sweat-proof coating, customizable sound

When it comes to most crowdfunded campaigns, backers hope that their pledges successfully produce and ship the product(s) designed by the creators. But everyone once in a great while, you'll find a project that is tailor-made to the requests of consumers. Trinity Audio Engineering has just launched a fresh Kickstarter campaign to create high-end in-ear monitors (IEMs) for active individuals, all because of the collective comments and feedback during its previous success.Read More


Aqua enhances mobile music without bulk, battery, or breaking banks

Smartphones and tablets are convenient ways for consumers to enjoy music on-the-go, but they have limits for audio reproduction – the internal hardware is able to accomplish only so much. Portable digital-to-analog converters (DACs) and AMP products solve this by providing the necessary power, but most options tend to be bulky, battery-operated, expensive, or all of the above. The Nexum Aqua aims to deliver an audio experience without any of those drawbacks.Read More

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Review: Ultimate Ears Roll waterproof speaker creates a splash

Ultimate Ears boasts an impressive record with its line of Bluetooth speakers since the release of the original UE Boom in 2013, which it followed up with the smaller UE Mini Boom and the larger UE Megaboom. All of these speakers pack big sound, loud colors and a portable form factor. Ultimate Ears’ latest and most compact speaker, the UE Roll, launched just in time for the Northern Hemisphere summer and we dive in to see how it hangs, dunks, floats, and sounds.Read More

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Review: Hi-Res-capable, DualCoil-packing T20 in-ear headphones

Back in May, British headphone maker Reid Heath Audio (RHA) announced a new pair of in-ear headphones that debuted something called DualCoil dynamic driver technology. The company had managed to install two independently-powered dynamic voice coils on a micro ring magnet, one to handle lower audio frequencies and the other to take care of the higher end. The T20s promised a true-to-life reproduction and support for high resolution audio. We got to plug in for some hi-res, and lo-res, listening.Read More

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Review: ProSounds X-Pro ear plugs turn on and off with a click

Many activities, such as operating heavy machinery, enjoying loud concerts, or shooting guns at a range, generate harmful levels of sound. Ear protection reduces such noise to prevent long-term damage, but it can be difficult or inconvenient to adjust the volume when one needs to hear "normally." One of the latest forms of protection attempts to solve this dilemma with a design that allows more or less sound to pass through with the push of a button. We get some ears-on to see how well the ProSounds X-Pro ear plugs differentiate themselves from the field.Read More

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Review: Nano HiFi NH1 Bluetooth boombox

The world of products competing for your ears these days is incredibly crowded, from the multitude of budget Bluetooth speakers on up to Sonos and others aiming to drag your dad's treasured hi-fi into the 21st century with top-notch wireless sound. The Nano HiFi NH1 falls somewhere toward the latter end of the spectrum, but maintains a notable level of portability and affordability. Gizmag had the opportunity to play part of our northern summer soundtrack over this nifty setup and we came away with this review.

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