Life's a beach with Toronto's winter shelters

Toronto's annual Winter Stations competition aims to coax people to the city's beaches during the coldest winter months with shelters and installations. Seven winning proposals have been selected from a total of 378 international submissions and will be built for a temporary exhibition that runs until late March.Read More

Good Thinking

City of Edmonton gets its own Ice Castle

When Brent Christensen moved from California to Utah several years ago, he took advantage of the colder climate by building his kids a backyard ice rink … although that rink also included an ice slide, an ice cave, and a 20-ft (6-m) castle-like ice tower. People saw it, they liked it, and the Ice Castles business was born. Since then, Christensen and his team have built their elaborate Ice Castles in a few select American cities every winter. Last month, however, they began construction on a castle in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – their first-ever creation outside the US. We dropped by, to get a first-hand look at the construction process.Read More


Painting robot controlled entirely by a look

It's no Michelangelo, but a robotic arm wielding a brush has completed a multi-colored oil painting at the behest of nothing other than human eyes. The system has been developed as engineers search for intuitive means of controlling robotic limbs, demonstrating how one day we might be able to wash the dishes while playing video games at the same time.Read More


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