Aurora, the interactive kinetic ceiling

Architect and designer Behnaz Farahi likes movement. Last year she created a 3D-printed shirt that responds to the way a person looks at it. Now, she's taken her responsive design ethos a bit higher — all the way to the ceiling to be exact. Farahi has installed a kinetic ceiling at the University of Southern California that reacts and moves in response to the people walking beneath it.Read More


Aero Bamboo Bike looks very unbamboo-like

Due to its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, vibration-damping qualities and rigidity, bamboo is becoming increasingly popular as a frame material for bikes. It also certainly has a distinctive "organic" look, although some people might find it a little too Gilligan's Island-esque. That's why a team at England's Bamboo Bicycle Club has created what is claimed to be the world's first Aero Bamboo Bike.Read More


Falling marbles make monstrous machine sing

Artist Martin Molin has spent the last 14 months designing and hand-building the Musical Marble Machine, a huge loom- or printing press-like contraption made from birch ply that makes use of 2,000 metal balls to play a tune. The musician-powered machine drops marbles onto the instrument surface, notes sound and the orbs are collected and re-used again. Read on to see this captivating machine in action.Read More


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