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Aprilia Tuono 1000

Aprilia has produced a stunning naked bike, the Tuono R Limited, which is essentially an RSVR 1000 with the fairing removed and replaced with carbon fibre and kevlar, where you would normally find panelling...  Read More

Aprilia's Electric Assist Bicycle - sensible inner city commuter

The prospect of testing an electrically-assisted bicycle appealed to no-one at Gizmo. A bicycle weighing 29kg is positively obese and the top speed of 27kmh can be achieved easily by most relatively fit humans. Yet, by the end of our two week test period, there wasn't a single person who rode it who didn't rave about the experience. The Enjoy is aptly named.The Aprilia Enjoy is the most convincing argument we've yet seen for hybrid vehicles. Elsewhere this issue you will read about Honda's latest concept cars which use a combination of electric and conventional power units. The Aprilia uses a combination of electricity and human power and until you feel the way in which the microprocessor blends the electric assist with one's own endeavours, you won't understand how compatible the two power sources are.  Read More

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