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NASA astronaut Barry Wilmore and Roscosmos cosmonauts Alexander Samokutyaev and Elena Serova have safely touched down in Kazakhstan on Mar. 11, with the landing heralding the end of a 167-day mission to the International Space Station. During their time in low-Earth orbit, the crew's activities were planned to the minute by mission controllers on the ground. Over the course of Expedition 42, hundreds of experiments were undertaken relating to the effects of the microgravity environment aboard the station, the potential benefits of which will aid future astronauts, as well as the people back on Earth. Read More
Antonov is developing an interesting new transmission for the next generation of ultra low cost cars. Such a transmission must be simple, low cost, reliable and repairable without no pneumatic or hydraulic controls, minimal components and only the simplest of electrical systems. Some innovative thinking was required ... Read More