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Steve Jobs at the Friday press conference

Looking to put a cap on the negative press that threatened to derail the wider international launch of the iPhone 4, Apple has announced it will give all new and existing iPhone 4 owners a free bumper case to solve the much-hyped “death-grip” problem. And if you've already shelled out for a case, Apple will reimburse you.  Read More

Dexim's DVA004 Power Case for Apple's iPod 5G

China's consumer electronics manufacturer Dexim has announced the release of a multi-functional power case to complement the new iPod Nano 5G. Coming with a powerful flashlight to help shoot video in low light conditions, a built-in speaker for desktop listening and an antenna for improved FM radio reception, the DVA004 will also gives extended play courtesy of its lithium battery pack.  Read More

The new antennas consisting of liquid metal injected into elastomeric microchannels can be...

The shift to wireless communication using ever-smaller devices has necessitated the need for smaller and smaller antennas. Thankfully, the days of extendable antennas on mobile phones are a thing of the past with manufacturers now able conceal them inside the casing. Now scientists have created shape-shifting antennas that, while not likely to appear in consumer devices like mobile phones any time soon, could open the door to a host of uses in fields ranging from bridge safety monitoring to military deployment.  Read More

Gizmag has always had an interest in "smart clothing", whether it be a jacket that warms you on icy slopes, a coat that delivers an electric shock to ward off physical threats, vests that double as health monitors or even a concept bra that's supposed to help in the search for a husband. The latest research being conducted in the area involves flexible antennas which can be embedded in clothing, allowing the wearer to communicate with low-orbiting satellites wirelessly and exchange greater levels of information, including GPS positioning.  Read More

The carpet radio makes you a human antenna

When I was young I had a tall, wiry friend we nicknamed ‘the Human Antenna’. Now anyone, regardless of height, can rival my friend just by walking on a unique carpet recently created by Swiss designer Florian Kräutli. The carpet appears to be a typical modern rug and would look at home in most abodes, except that is has one unusual hi-tech feature - this white carpet is also a radio.  Read More

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