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45th Anniversary of the Ford Mustang

On April 17, 2009, Ford and the Mustang Club of America will commemorate the 45th anniversary of the legendary Ford Mustang with a four-day celebration in Birmingham, Alabama. Based originally on the Ford Falcon, the brand has gone through many changes over its 45 year history, but still retains the essence of the breed. Ford released the first Mustang in 1964 (dubbed Mustang 1964½ because it came out at the unusual half way point of the year) and since then it has become one of the most iconic muscle cars in American automotive history, selling 9 million units along the way.  Read More

Volvo P544 under lights

It's now been 50 years since the first automobile with standard 3-point-safety belts left the assembly lines: the Volvo P544. Patented in 1958 by Volvo engineer Nils Bohlin, the 3-Point safety belt has become the most important automotive restraint system worldwide, saving an estimated one million lives so far - so it's definitely an anniversary worth celebrating. Not much has happened visually to the belt since 1958 and ongoing developments have focused on the systems that complement the belt to do its job better.  Read More

Martin Cooper and his wife and business partner Arlene Harris with their respective cell p...

April 4, 2008 With around half the world's population expected to be carrying a mobile phone by the end of this year, it's hard to believe that its just 35 years since the first ever public cell phone call was made. Yesterday marked the anniversary of the historical call made on the streets of New York by portable cell phone inventor Martin Cooper, then general manager of Motorola’s Communications Systems Division.  Read More

Celebrations included a special convoy through Hanover

October 10, 2007 Hanover, Germany played host to 71,000 visitors last weekend to celebrate 60 years of Volkswagen vans. Over 5,000 Transporter vans and campers were on display from the original ‘split-screen’ T1 to current fifth-generation models.  Read More

Sputnik 1 launched on October 4th 1957

October 4, 2007 Today marks the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Sputnik satellite. Even half a century on, the impact of the October 4th 1957 launch that saw the Soviet Union’s satellite became the first to be put into orbit still resonates as a momentous achievement in the history of human endeavor. Considered the first real blow in the "Space race" between the USSR and the USA, the launch provided the springboard for an exciting period of space exploration carried out by the two countries.  Read More

East Pacific Vent at 2,600meters on Tube Worm Pillar. Vent fish, giant tubeworms and crabs...

June 26, 2007 A discovery that radically changed our understanding of the planet we live on celebrates its 30th anniversary this month. Scientists first discovered volcanic hot vents surrounded by bizarre animals thriving in total darkness at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean in 1977 and at the end of June an international team of scientists, including many of the original explorers, will honor the landmark discovery at a special meeting and public event in the Galápagos Islands, located just south of the discovery site.  Read More

Phantom Silver marks 100th Anniversary of Silver Ghost

June 4, 2007 It was 100 years ago this week that a new marque established itself in the minds of the British public as the world’s finest car. Just over 12 months after Frederick Henry Royce and Charles Stewart Rolls began manufacturing cars together, the company’s new Silver Ghost won the gold medal in its class for hill climbing speed and reliability at the 1907 Scottish Reliability Trial. Later that year, a Silver Ghost travelled 14,371 miles non-stop to set the world record for a motor run, the publicity further reinforcing perceptions of the name which went on to become a metaphor for excellence the world over. To mark the 100th anniversary of the Silver Ghost, Rolls-Royce has produced a special model, the Phantom Silver , of which only 25 will be made. The Phantom Silver will carry a UKP22,000 premium over the standard Phantom price of UKP220,000.  Read More

Tenth anniversary of Common Rail injection technology

May 16, 2007 It seems hard to believe given how quickly it has dominated the world automotive market, but it’s true – Bosch introduced the Common Rail injection system for passenger cars to the market ten years ago this month. The first cars to use the technology were the Alfa Romeo 156 JTD and the Mercedes-Benz C 220 CDI and just ten years later it is used on almost all of the world’s diesel engines and 50% of European new car sales. Common Rail provides the diesel engine with better performance and higher torque. At the same time, the technology considerably reduces fuel consumption, noise, and emissions from diesel engines.  Read More

The new Fiat 500 and 50th anniversary model

March 22, 2007 Fifty years ago, on 4 July 1957, Fiat introduced the Nuova Fiat 500, which became an icon of our times, and with which Fiat completed a revival that had begun immediately after the Second World War. This year on 4 July 2007, exactly 50 years later, and once again in Turin, the company will be presenting its new Fiat 500, which will go on sale immediately after the launch. The new 500 is a 3-door model with very compact measurements: 355 cm long, 165 cm wide, 149 cm tall and a wheelbase of 230 cm. Produced with three engine options: a 75 bhp 1.3 16v MultiJet turbodiesel and two petrol engines, a 69 bhp 1.2 8v and a 100 bhp 1.4 16v, with five or six speed manual gearboxes, the new Fiat 500 is designed to be notably entertaining to drive.  Read More

The Limited Edition 75th Anniversary Dearborn Deuce Roadster

December 15, 2006 This is the Limited Edition 75th Anniversary Dearborn Deuce roadster – only 100 will be made. The 1932 Ford Deuce had the first ever mass produced V8 engine and even more groundbreaking styling which single-handedly started the hot rod culture. It was truly a milestone vehicle, echoing the engineering genius of Henry Ford and the design prowess of his son Edsel. The commemorative edition roadster Dearborn Deuce was built by Hot Rods & Horsepower and directed by Ford to honor the 75th anniversary of the legendary Ford Deuce and contains a 4.6 liter, 348hp fuel-injected V8 with an automatic transmission. Additional custom components include custom wheels by bonspeed (20 inch rear and 18 inch front), custom valve covers, electric side windows, custom leather interior, air conditioning, stereo and unique badging with embroidered 75th Anniversary logo on the seats and in the trunk. Appropriately, Edsel B. Ford II, great grandson of Henry Ford, will help auction the first of 100 Limited Edition 75th Anniversary Dearborn Deuce roadsters at No Reserve during the 36th Annual Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Event in January. Proceeds from the sale of the stunning custom roadster (Lot 1302) will be donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  Read More

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