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World's first plastic anchor for small watercraft

By - March 25, 2010 2 Pictures
Most small watercraft need anchors just like bigger boats, but many down-sized anchors struggle to hold these vessels in place, even breaking apart. If you ride a personal watercraft (PWC), like a Jet Ski, stowing a metal or aluminum anchor in the craft’s onboard storage containers can wreak havoc, sometimes almost punching through in rough conditions. That’s no good aboard an inflatable, either. Australian-based Cooper Anchors has designed a world-first lightweight, plastic anchor with a weighted tip, straight streamline shank and small blade that work harmoniously to drive deep into the sea bed and hold your craft in place. What’s more, it’s flexible, tough, won’t scratch or puncture your PWC or inflatable and weighs less than 1kg. Read More
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Innovative anchor takes inspiration from the Ferrari of underwater diggers

By - November 23, 2009 1 Picture
Researchers at MIT have taken inspiration from the simple razor clam to design a “smart” anchor that burrows through the ocean floor. The so-called RoboClam could prove useful as tethers for small robotic submarines that are routinely repositioned to monitor variables such as currents and temperatures. The device can burrow into the seabed, be directed to a specific location and can also operate in reverse, making them easier to recover. Read More
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Innovative HydroBubble anchor updates one of man's earliest inventions

By - February 1, 2005 5 Pictures
February 2, 2005 Man has been sailing for thousands of years and the anchor has been around just as long - like the wheel, history failed to record its inventor. The concept of the anchor is simple and has changed little in recent times, which makes a significant design development an important event. The unique patented HydroBubble anchor uses a buoyancy device to position it so it "sets first time" and has been highly acclaimed by the US boating industry in the short time it has been on the market. Not surprisingly, the inventor of the HydroBubble is a keen boatie. "I saw a need for an anchor that worked, first time, every time," says inventor John Willis. Read More

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