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Here's what it's like to ride a virtual reality roller coaster

After having my brain smooshed against my skull, my stomach flipped and flopped, and my spine whipped hither and thither, I thought a day at the Six Flags amusement park in St. Louis Missouri couldn't get any more fun. I was wrong. When I climbed aboard the park's soon-to-open virtual reality coaster the next morning as part of a special press event, my opinion of what an amusement park ride could be leaped into another dimension.Read More


German company looks to build artificial climbing mountains

You no longer need a mountain or sheer cliff face to enjoy the thrill and challenge of technical climbing. Rock gyms have sprouted up across cities and suburbs around the world, providing a climbing option for those that don't have access to mountains. These gyms don't usually look anything like real rock, but a German company has a plan to construct climbing "mountains" out of an artificial material that it says looks and feels like the real thing. Read More

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Old nuclear power plant transformed into a theme park and hotel

The Wunderland Kalkar amusement park in Germany has been converted from a disused nuclear power station, following the government's decision to abandon all nuclear energy plants. The site was sold in 1991 to a Dutch investor who, leaving the reactor building in place, created Wunderland Kalkar. The proportions of the park are enormous, positioned on over 55 hectares (80 football fields) and features over 40 amusement attractions.Read More

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First visitors enter Ferrari World

Where would you expect to find the world’s largest indoor theme park? If you answered "Dubai," you’d be close (but no cigar). It’s basically next door in, Abu Dhabi, the UAE’s capital. And you might be surprised to find that it’s not another Disney park or Universal Studios attraction – no, the world’s largest theme park is Ferrari World, and it opened today (27 October 2010) to the media. The public opening has been delayed as a sign of respect for the passing of Sheik Saqr bin Mohammed Al-Qasimi, Emir of Ras al-Khaimah. Gizmag has given readers an insight into Ferrari World in the past, but shortly you’ll be able to visit for yourself.Read More

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Ferrari World theme park to boast the world’s fastest roller coaster

There’s no doubting Ferrari has a legion of fans, but are their numbers great enough to justify the existence of a Ferrari theme park? Looks like we’ll get an answer with the world’s first such park, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, set to open its doors this October. Although, with the more than 20 rides and attractions including a spaceshot tower that launches riders 62m (203 ft) into the air and the world’s fastest roller coaster that propels thrill-seekers to speeds of 240 km/h (149mph) in just five seconds, the park is sure to appeal to those whose allegiance lies with other supercar marques. Read More

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Ferrari rollercoaster to allow 'overtaking'

When Ferrari World opens its doors in Abu Dhabi later this year, fans of the prancing horse will be treated to a monster roller coaster with a difference. Riding in a Ferrari (of course), the ride will take thrill-seekers on a two kilometer journey at up to 95 kmh and because there are two cars running side-by-side, the roller coaster becomes a racetrack with a different "winner" each time.Read More


New state-of-the-art amusement park ride

January 29, 2006 What will they think of next? The entertainment park business is big business. According to the Travel Industry Association of America, Americans made 79 million person-trips to America’s more than 600 theme and amusement parks last year, spending an average of US$839 per trip, not counting transportation. Logically, the most spectacular rides win a greater share of the marketplace. Which is why rides like Dollywood entertainment park's new US$6.5 million Timber Tower get built. When it opens on April 1, Timber Tower will stand 65 feet tall and offer a 150 second (2.5 minute) ride with dual rotation, both from the tower and the ride carrier. Situated in the middle of a 5,100-sq.-ft. pond, Timber Tower will take passengers high into the air where the ride carrier rotates 11 times per minute as it approaches the top of the tower. Once there, Timber Tower will begin a side-to-side swinging motion with six complete "dips" in various directions to a maximum and quite remarkable 60-degree angle. As it plunges towards the full extent of each dip, it will appear to splash riders into the water below, drop passengers within reach of a sawmill blade, then a bear cave, a water geyser, a beaver dam and finally a treacherous log jam. Don’t forget the heart tablets!Read More


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