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Amphibious sportscar transforms in six seconds

Friday October 3, 2003: The Gibbs aquada high-speed amphibian (HSA) is capable of speeds up to 100mph (160kmh) on land and 30mph (48kmh) over water, taking just six seconds to transform from road-going sportscar to a jet-powered marine vessel. What better vehicle could be conceived for a waterside lifestyle in a place like Sydney?  Read More

The Amphicar - the only non-military amphibious vehicle ever to go into mass production

A spate of new amphibious vehicles in recent times and the seeming resurgence of interest in the area has seen us receive a wave of correspondence informing us of many amphibious projects around the world. One of the most fascinating amphibious vehicles to come to light has been the German-produced Amphicar - the only non-military amphibious vehicle ever to go into mass production. Like the Gibbs Aquada, the Amphicar was a convertible and a serious watergoing vessel and a number of lengthy sea voyages were recorded, most notably Africa to Spain and three crossings of the English Channel, once in a Force 6 gale. Note, the Aquada now holds the record for an English Channel crossing by an amphibious vehicle.  Read More

Platypus amphibious 4x4 to land at under US$40,000

Like the Australian marsupial from which it takes its name, it isn't pretty, but it sure is functional. With a top speed of 100 kmh on the road, it's not as fast as its celebrated fellow amphibians such as the Gibbs Aquada or Rinspeed Splash. But it is capable of seven knots on the water, can withstand heavy seas, and it's hardcore four-wheel-drive capabilities will get you just about anywhere you can imagine going. Most remarkable though is the price - when production starts in mid-2005, the Platypus will sell for less than US$40,000.  Read More

Humdinga - the 4WD amphibious vehicle

Kiwi entrepreneur Alan Gibbs, the man behind the Aquada amphibious sports car, has unveiled an SUV/4WD amphibious vehicle concept designed specifically to access remote and hostile terrain. The 5-seater ‘Humdinga’ concept vehicle is a full-time 4WD powered by a 350 BHP V8 engine, capable of 160 kmh on land and on water at 65 kmh. Although the new application utilises the same patented HSA technological platform as the Gibbs Aquada, it shares no common component parts or systems with its predecessor. The Gibbs Humdinga can comfortably transport 5 people complete with luggage/supplies almost anywhere on the earth.  Read More

Four New Amphibious Vehicles

With vast numbers of people living in coastal areas and on waterways, it was only a matter of time before a car and a watercraft were combined. Four companies have tackled the challenge in four entirely different ways. The Gibbs Aquada is a high-speed amphibian, can top 160 kmh on land and 50 kmh on water, and takes six seconds to transform from sportscar to jetboat. Conceived for a waterside lifestyle such as Sydney, Cannes or Miami, the British-built Aquada is powered by a 175hp V6 engine with an auto transmission linked to the fully-enclosed jet propulsion system. Getting into the water is as simple as driving down a boatramp and pushing the button - the accelerator becomes the throttle and the jet propulsion takes over.  Read More

Rinspeed Splash - amphibious sportscar unveiled

The Rinspeed Splash Amphibious Hydrofoil Sportscar previewed by Gizmo in December 2003 was unveiled to the world at the 2004 Geneva Motor Show - the Splash is capable of 80 kmh (approx. 45 knots) on the water and 200 kmh on land. The design is yet another concept from Swiss creative studio Rinspeed, whose concept designs have graced the pages of Gizmo several times in our short history. In 2002 it was the Presto, a collapsible car which turned from a four seat convertible to a two-seater at the press of a button. Then, last August Rinspeed showed the Bedouin, an off-road vehicle capable of extending and retracting just like the Presto. In early January this year we showed the CAD drawings of the Splash and now the car has been unveiled, the tenth Rinspeed concept car and the most outrageous to date.  Read More

Sealegs amphibious boat powers over land and sea

Sealegs represents the first commercially available amphibious option for small boats available anywhere in the world, allowing the occupants to drive from a storage location into the water whilst staying high and dry inside the boat.  Read More

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