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Gizmag reviews the Kindle Fire HD 8.9'

“This is the iPad with Retina Display,” begins the ad. “And this is the new Kindle Fire HD with an 8.9-inch display.” We then see two “stunning HD” screens, with the narrator telling us that we may not be able to tell the difference. Then he drops the bomb: “ ... but your wallet can.” See, the iPad starts at US$500, and this Kindle Fire starts at $270. But is it really the great deal that Amazon says it is? Let’s find out, as we review Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD 8.9” tablet.  Read More

Gizmag compare the specs (and other features) of the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 and iPad mini

It seems like every other week there’s a new rumor about an upcoming iPad mini or Nexus 7 with a sharper display. Customers love small tablets, and they love “Retina” displays, so their impending marriage is naturally a hot topic. But it’s easy to forget that Amazon already has a medium-sized tablet with a razor-sharp display. Let’s see how that "tweener" – the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 – sizes up next to Apple’s smaller iPad mini.  Read More

In May, Amazon will give Kindle Fire owners 'tens of millions of dollars' worth of virtual...

Amazon sells its line of Kindle Fire tablets (roughly) at cost, betting that each owner will buy enough books, music, movies, and apps to make a tidy profit. With digital spending playing such a huge role for the online retailer, Amazon wants to make it as easy as possible for you to throw down for that new Angry Birds game. Jeff Bezos and company have a new approach to driving the post-purchase Kindle Fire economy: virtual coins.  Read More

Customers who've bought CDs at any time since the company opened its Music Store in 1998 w...

Although sales of digital music tracks are rising year-on-year, it's clear that U.S. music lovers are still spending most of their hard-earned cash on physical media. According to Nielson SoundScan (which measures point-of-sale of recorded music products), of the 316 million albums purchased stateside in 2012, 193 million were on CD, compared to 118 million digital downloads. Amazon has launched a new service called AutoRip that will save many of those spinning disc buyers the trouble of converting the just-arrived CD to MP3 for playback on a modern portable music player. Anyone who buys an AutoRip CD from the online retail giant will also get a digital copy free-of-charge.  Read More

Philip M. Parker has created a computerized system to automatically compile data into book...

Philip M. Parker, a marketing professor at INSEAD (the European Institute of Business Administration), has written and patented a system that uses an algorithm to automatically compile data into book form. Between his works and those of his research group (ICON Group International), he has over 900,000 books currently for sale on Amazon. More than a smart search engine, his system only requires a few minutes or a few hours to scan the databases relevant to any given topic and organize that data into a technical report. Next stop? Romance novels.  Read More

Amazon's rumored smartphone could potentially borrow elements from the Kindle Fire's inter...

The smartphone market can be cruel. With Apple and Samsung making most of the profits, even established players like HTC, Motorola, and LG have struggled. Newcomers may face even longer odds. According to industry sources, though, Amazon is ready to take its chances with a budget-friendly Kindle phone.  Read More

How do the best eReaders from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo stack up?

Five years after the release of the first Kindle, eReaders are still going strong. Despite the threat from tablets, many customers still love e-ink screens. If you're wanting to get in on the fun, the choices can be overwhelming. Let us help – with our 2012 eReader Comparison Guide.  Read More

How does the Kindle Fire HD 8.9' compare to the Nexus 7?

The budget tablet market is getting crowded. Ruled last year by Amazon, it now hosts products from Apple, Asus, Barnes & Noble, and Samsung. Amazon alone released three Kindle tablets this year, and they all start at under US$300. How does the best of those - the Kindle Fire HD 8.9" - compare to the Nexus 7?  Read More

How does Amazon's Kindle Fire HD (7') compare to the Nook HD?

We can thank Amazon and Barnes & Noble for making tablets more affordable. B&N created the cheap seven-inch tablet with 2010's Nook Color. Amazon took the concept to new levels with last year's Kindle Fire. Now the two companies are back with improved models. How does the Nook HD compare to the Kindle Fire HD? Let's take a look.  Read More

How do the top tablets of 2012 compare?

Tablets are everywhere. No matter where you turn this holiday shopping season, you'll see them. Apple's iPad is still in the driver's seat, but its field of competitors is rapidly growing. How do you sort through all the noise, and make the best purchase? Look no further than our 2012 Tablet Comparison Guide.  Read More

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