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Sony Alpha Series

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Sony retires α35, launches new alpha fixed mirror camera: the α37

By - May 17, 2012 11 Pictures
Sony has unveiled the successor to last year's SLT-A35 digital camera featuring the company's proprietary Translucent Mirror Technology that does away with the need to keep moving the mirror out of the way when taking a photograph. The new α37 is a somewhat modest refresh to the entry-level camera that sees some improvements and some reductions in specs and capabilities, but is being released at a lower price point than entry-level models before it. Read More
— Digital Cameras

Sony α57 boasts 12 fps shooting with full-time continuous autofocus

By - March 15, 2012 9 Pictures
Sony's translucent mirror technology - which directs incoming light to the image sensor and the AF sensor simultaneously - continues to advance with the introduction of the company's new SLT-A57 digital camera. The new camera trumps the α55 it replaces in a number ways, most notable of which is the 12 images per second continuous shooting with full-time continuous autofocus in Tele-zoom Continuous Advanced Priority AE mode. The new, faster, more powerful image processor that makes such an impressive performance boost possible also ramps up the sensitivity to a very low-light-friendly ISO16000, and the camera is fit to bursting with creative photography options. Read More
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Newly developed CMOS sensor joins high performance feature set on new Sony Alpha cameras

By - August 30, 2010 3 Pictures
There’s been a bit of a flood of DSLR cameras unveiled in recent weeks. Nikon announced its first DSLR to record full 1080p video, while Canon added the Studio Version of its EOS 7D and its EOS 60D with an articulating LCD to its lineup. Not to be outdone, Sony joined the party unveiling its new translucent mirror cameras, the α33 and α55, which aren’t like conventional DSLRs as their mirror allows light through to the CMOS sensor instead of moving out of the way. Alongside the α33 and α55 Sony also announced the 16.2-megapixel α580 and 14.2-megapixel α560, which feature Sony’s newly developed Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor and BIONZ imaging processor. Read More

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