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Alarm Clock

— Mobile Technology

The iBell adds old-school alarm functionality to your iPhone

By - October 4, 2012 2 Pictures
Smartphones are replacing the need for many other devices, making some of them surplus to requirements, and turning others into luxuries rather than necessities. I'm talking about watches, calculators, dedicated media players, and even handheld games consoles and cameras – the capabilities of which are all contained, to varying degrees, in the not-so-humble smartphones lurking inside your pocket. Alarm clocks are another product that should by all rights be on the endangered list ... especially as there is now an iPhone accessory that brings old-school alarm clock functionality to your smartphone. Read More
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Alarm clock makes you get up and enter a code on a wall keypad to turn it off

By - February 19, 2012 19 Pictures
While there are still some who, at the mention of the alarm clock, might think of a small, spring-driven, mechanical device topped by a couple of bells with a hammer between them, my generation would probably envision a digital clock radio. Recently, designers have come up with more and more ingenious (read evil) ways to get us out of bed - such as a clock with wheels that runs away at the appointed hour with buzzer sounding, or a 113dB sonic boom skull that also shakes the bed until you switch it off. The Ramos Alarm Clock from Paul Sammut is another design aimed at the dedicated snoozer who can usually find a way to prolong the warmth and comfort under the covers. The clock is wirelessly linked to a separate Defuse Panel located in another room, such as the bathroom, and a code will need to be correctly entered to silence the buzzer. Read More
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Proposed alarm clock would only wake users up once they were ready

By - October 21, 2011 1 Picture
Have you ever noticed how your alarm clock sometimes wakes you up in a much more jarring fashion than usual? That’s because on those occasions, you happen to be in one of the deeper states of sleep when it goes off. Not only is it more difficult to wake from these states, but people who do so also end up feeling less rejuvenated by their time in the sack. Scientists in India, however, think they may be on their way to designing an alarm clock that only wakes you up when the time is right. Read More
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Acoustic Alarm clock replaces buzzer with strings

By - September 27, 2011 3 Pictures
We’ve heard about alarm clocks that jolt you awake with 113 decibels of sound while shaking your bed, that won’t stop ringing until you’ve done your exercises, or that you have to chase across the room. If you want to be woken in a more civilized, serene fashion, however, you might like the Acoustic Alarm – should it ever become commercially available, that is. Instead of an annoying beep, buzz or radio DJ, the one-off design exercise uses a motorized pic to strum four guitar strings, in order to gently rouse its user. Read More
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The US$47 113dB Sonic Boom Skull alarm clock with bed shaker

By - April 28, 2011 1 Picture
To many people, it seems almost inconceivable that you can sleep through the aural brutality of an alarm clock, yet a small percentage of us can indeed, mask out all but the loudest of sounds without batting an eyelid. For those people, there is now "The Skull", a Sonic Boom alarm clock on steroids that pumps out 113 db of sound, flashes bright red light from its eye sockets, and strobes bright orange from a strip of flashing lights on the front. If that's not enough to rouse you, the skull comes with the company's "Bone Crusher" bed shaker attachment to shake you back into your body. Read More
— Mobile Technology

A!arm iPhone app is silenced by a shout

By - February 23, 2011 5 Pictures
There's definitely no shortage of alarm clock apps available for the iPhone, but a new app, simply called A!arm, offers users a slightly different way to start the day. Instead of fumbling for their iPhone to shut off the alarm when roused from your slumber, A!arm allows users to silence the din by doing something that most of us have done at one time or another – shouting at the alarm. While it isn't exactly the most zen-like approach to starting the day, it could be a good way to relieve some tension first thing in the morning. Read More
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ARNOVA from Archos adds web TV to your wake-up call

By - February 22, 2011 5 Pictures
French media player specialist Archos is the latest to offer a modern take on the bedside radio alarm clock. Rather than wake you with a simulated sunrise or other mood lighting, the Arnova's alarm can be set to your favorite internet radio station or web TV channel. Users can load audio, photo or video files directly to the device's internal memory or via SD cards, wirelessly stream content from a computer via uPnP, and feed in tunes from an external MP3 player. Read More
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LUMI sleeping mask puts a sunrise on your face

By - December 30, 2010 6 Pictures
If you want to wake up gently to a sunrise, there are a couple of things you can do. You can invest in one of the many digital alarm clocks that start a simulated sunrise (like PURE's Twilight or Philip's Wake-up Light) or you can leave your curtains open and wait for the sun to shine through them. Taylor Franklin Hide believes that he might have a third option in the form of the LUMI – a high-tech sleeping mask with faux sunrise technology built-in. Read More
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Reflectius clock tells time with a single laser

By - April 11, 2010 3 Pictures
Ever since the first sundial cast its shadow we've been looking for new and inventive ways to tell the time. Timepieces that talk to you, use LED lights instead of numbers and spell out the time in words are just some of the results, and although the Reflectius concept from Art Lebedev Studio (think Optimus keyboard) uses a standard digital readout as the display, the way it achieves this is anything but standard. Read More