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In pictures: Paris Air Show 2013

By - June 21, 2013 101 Pictures
The 50th edition of the Paris Air Show kicked off with a bang on Monday, but rather than the rumbling of huge jet engines the din came courtesy of thunderstorms and torrential rain. Thankfully the dark skies cleared quickly and despite more bursts of wet weather throughout the week, there has been plenty of blue sky to provide a backdrop for the daily aerial displays. Here's a our look at the highlights from Le Bourget airfield, both on the ground and in the air. Read More
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AgustaWestland unveils world's first electric tilt rotor aircraft

By - March 7, 2013 4 Pictures
The engineers at aerospace firm AgustaWestland are no slouches when it comes to tilt rotor aircraft, having recently developed the intriguing commercial-use AW609. It seems, however, that they’ve been holding out on us ... over a year and a half ago, they began secretly test-flying what they have now publicly unveiled as being the world’s first electric tilt rotor airplane. It’s known simply as Project Zero. Read More
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In pictures: Farnborough Airshow 2012

By - July 12, 2012 96 Pictures
The skies over Hampshire, England, may have been resolutely overcast, but there has been nothing dull about the spectacle of the biennial Farnborough International Airshow taking place in them this week. Crowds composed mostly of media, military and millionaires endured airport-style security checks to observe aerial displays from ear-piercing fighter jet fighters, enormous airliners and aeronautic display teams of dubious sanity. Read More
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UK's next generation Wildcat helicopter completes sea trials

By - February 22, 2012 9 Pictures
A Lynx Wildcat helicopter has completed 20 days of sea trials aboard the British frigate HMS Iron Duke in waters off southern England and northern Scotland. It was the latest in a series of trials required before the £16 million state-of-the-art combat aircraft can enter into active service with the British Army and the Royal Navy. The latest tests involved putting the helicopter through tests that involved over 400 day and nighttime take offs and landings from the Iron Duke in the worst weather conditions that could be found to put the mission systems, night-vision equipment and navigation systems through their paces. Read More
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U.S. Marine Corps takes delivery of latest V-22 Osprey

By - February 19, 2012 15 Pictures
The tilt-rotor Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey program received a boost last week when the U.S. Marine Corps took delivery of the latest variant. The Osprey, which began development some 30 years ago, combines the helicopter's ability to take off and land vertically, with the speed of a regular aircraft. The recently delivered Block C variant includes an improved weather radar system, an upgraded crew and passenger aircon system, improvements to the cockpit Electronic Flight Instrument displays and upgrades to the Electronic Warfare Systems. Read More
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AgustaWestland AW609 tiltrotor aims for 2016 FAA certification

By - February 14, 2012 12 Pictures
We’ve been following the development of Eurocopter’s X3 demonstrator with interest in recent years, but it’s far from the only aircraft that aims to combine the vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capabilities of a helicopter with the speed, range and altitude capabilities of a fixed wing aircraft. Tiltrotor aircraft that feature powered rotors mounted on rotating shafts or nacelles at the end of a fixed wing have been around for half a century, the most famous probably being the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey. While the V-22 is a military aircraft, AgustaWestland is developing its AW609 as a multi-role aircraft aimed at private, commercial, and government markets. Read More

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