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Sion hopes to launch its V1sion smartphone for under $299

Mobile start-up Sion has developed a quad-core Android smartphone named the V1sion that it hopes to bring to the market unlocked and without a contract for under US$299. The company claims its performance bests that of a Galaxy S3 thanks to its Samsung Exynos 4 Quad (aka Exynos 4412) processor. The company says that the compelling bank-for-buck ratio is possible using crowdfunding, and that the number of backers will determine the final price.  Read More

Denied: ADzero's bamboo smartphone has been rejected by Kickstarter

In a somewhat surprising development in the ADzero bamboo smartphone's journey to market, its application to launch a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter has been rejected by the website.  Read More

A specs list for ADzero, 'the world's first bamboo smartphone,' was revealed at Droidcon o...

The makers of the "world's first bamboo smartphone," the ADzero, revealed the final design and specification of the forthcoming Android handset at Droidcon on Friday. The ADzero team has also announced pricing as well as early bird discounts for those that sign up for an ADzero during the, yup, inevitable Kickstarter fundgasm. Details within…  Read More

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