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The Adidas Jabulani, official ball of the 2010 FIFA World Cup (Photo: University of Adelai...

Professor Derek Leinweber has been studying soccer balls. He’s interested in the physics behind them, and is particularly intrigued by the design of the official ball for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, the Adidas Jabulani. He thinks it will behave in a much different fashion than the previous World Cup ball, throwing goalkeepers for a loop - all because of the ridges on its skin.  Read More

The Sennheiser/Adidas Sports range are rugged sweat- and water-proof earphones for the act...

Audio manufacturer Sennheiser and sporting goods giant Adidas have collaborated on a new line of athletics-oriented headphones. Called simply the Sports line, the product range includes four models of rugged sweat- and water-proof headphones designed to fit whatever type of sports activity you are into.  Read More

Samsung and adidas miCoach fitness phone

March 6, 2008 It is inevitable that one day our mobile phones will monitor the body’s key functions - ubiquitous usage of such a device moved closer this week when Samsung and Adidas announced the miCoach mobile phone. The miCoach comes with a stride sensor (pedometer) and heart rate monitor, enabling the phone’s software to monitor your workouts and advise/push you with a voice-simulating personal coach. Despite concepts from Nokia and Microsoft, and add ons from Kiwok and Alivetech , the miCoach is the first phone with heart rate functionality, so it is a milestone.  Read More

Polar F55 heart rate monitor combines cardio and strength training

January 29, 2006 Finish heart-rate monitoring specialist Polar invented the first wireless heart rate monitor (HRM) in 1977 and has been a step ahead of the rest in helping people understand the importance of monitoring your body’s most important organ ever since. It is now going one step further in helping consumers better understand their bodies and achieve their fitness goals with a new total body workout model, the Polar F55 heart rate monitor. Incorporating both strength training and cardio exercise, the Polar F55 is ideal for exercisers looking for a complete full-body workout.  Read More

The Polar RS200sd Running Computer

Though the advanced Polar-Adidas Fusion training system is still some way off, Polar's new RS200sd running computer offers most of the benefits without the clothing integration, at a fraction of the cost. Features include a suite of software to analyse what you’re doing with your bod – calorie and heart rate tracking and even a fitness test. There are 5 heart rate zones that can be customised to support your individual training needs and graphics guiding the user to the desired training result. The screen effectively becomes a user-configurable dashboard for a human being when used with a Polar S1 Footpod advanced inertial sensor to provide real time speed, pace and distance.  Read More

adidas and Polar introduce the world’s first completely integrated training system

August 10, 2005 Polar Electro and adidas have formed a partnership to introduce the world’s first completely integrated training system. Called “Project Fusion”, it seamlessly integrates Polar heart rate and speed and distance monitoring equipment into adidas apparel and footwear. The system combines the adiStar Fusion range of apparel, the adiStar Fusion shoe, Polar’s s3 Stride Sensor, the Polar WearLink transmitter and the Polar RS800 Running Computer into one system. Special fibers bonded onto adidas tops, work in conjunction with Polar’s Wear Link technology to eliminate the need for a separate chest strap to monitor heart rate. Just snap the tiny Polar WearLink connector onto the front of the shirt and go. The data is wirelessly sent to the wrist-mounted running computer, which displays and records all information in real time. The adiStar Fusion shoe has a cavity in the midsole which can house the Polar s3 Stride Sensor. As with the heart rate monitor, data is sent wirelessly to your running computer. Information like speed and distance, chronograph functions, along with heart rate, are shown on the RS800 in real time. And when the workout is over, all data can be downloaded onto a computer so workouts can be easily managed and analysed.  Read More

Polar Weight Management Watch

If the human body can be regarded as a machine, the motor would be the heart. Given the mission-critical nature of the human body, and the expense and inconvenience of down-time, the latest offering from Polar Electro is worth a look - it's a weight and health management system based around a wrist receiver, a transmitter belt and ongoing access to an interactive website.The only solution for permanently successful weight management is to take in less energy than you expend and Polar Electro's new personalised guidance system looks to be the most logical development in an industry renowned for reducing intake but doing little about output.  Read More

Adidas Launches the Intelligent Running Shoe

Adidas has unveiled the most advanced shoe ever. Called "1", the shoe provides “intelligent cushioning” by automatically and continuously adjusting itself. It does so by sensing the cushioning level, using a sensor and a magnet. It then understands whether the cushioning level is too soft or too f...  Read More

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