Adaptive Cruise Control

The pioneering autonomous vehicle that won the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge will complete its world tour with a visit to its home town before taking its place at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. Dubbed "Stanley", the robotic Volkswagen Touareg developed by the Stanford Racing Team will be on show at the Silicon Valley The Tech Museum of Innovation from June 20 through July 17. Read More
April 14, 2008 Seats which include massaging and ventilation functions are among the new luxury trimmings Volvo has added to their S80 and XC90 Executive models. The new massage function consists of five inflatable pockets which have been built into the front seats and are pumped up and drained sequentially to create a wave-like motion that is adjustable at two levels. As well as massaging the lower back they also double up as a new lumbar support, while built-in ventilation is designed to keep the occupant’s body and clothing fresh. Read More
January 23, 2008 Ford has announced that its new Mondeo will get Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) technology as an option. The adoption of ACC technology, which has appeared previously in cars such as Volvo's S80 and more recently the new Jaguar XF, provides a significant safety boost by maintaining a pre-set distance from the vehicle in front and automatically decelerating when another vehicle enters this buffer zone. One the pre-set distance is renewed the vehicle then accelerates back to cruising speed. Read More
August 29, 2007 World-first driver alertness technology that includes automated lane departure warnings and a new collision warning system with auto braking will be among the innovations unveiled by Volvo at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Read More
One of the most anticipated models in Jaguar’s history makes its public debut today. After a frenzied response to the recent C-XF concept car unveiled at the start of the year, the public can now catch its first glimpse of the new Jaguar XF luxury four-door sports saloon. Packed with nifty technology and kitted out as a proper luxury saloon, the question remains – will this be the start of a new era for the Ford-owned Jaguar brand, or has the production car’s styling been neutered too much from the C-XF concept to tempt buyers? Read More
December 1, 2006 The Hyundai Design and Technical Center and Hyundai Motor America presented the world debut of the HCD10 Hyundai Hellion concept during a press conference at the Los Angeles Auto Show today. Hellion is a compact three-door sport crossover designed with attitude and independence creating its unmistakable character. Hellion’s architecture was inspired by a tough, hardshell backpack that uses ribs to provide structural and visual strength. To support this, Hyundai used three ultra-lightweight structural ribs to create Hellion’s safety cage. These ribs connect to a suspended surfboard-shaped spine. Hellion’s ribcage not only provides protection for its occupants, but also adds visual rigidity and shape. By stretching the sheet metal skin away from the common body surface, the ribs give Hellion a new kind of organic ruggedness. Read More
September 4, 2006 The Honda CR-V has posted strong retail sales everywhere since it was launched but with the benchmark being raised daily in the increasingly crowded SUV sector, Honda has completely reengineered the CR-V to be even better on the road at the same time as being more practical. The entirely-new Honda CR-V will hit showroom floors in January 2007 and according to company sources promises a driving experience as good as a D-sector saloon car, improved equipment levels and two optional active safety systems that are unique to the SUV segment. The first, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is a radar-controlled cruise control function which maintains a set distance to the vehicle in front, while Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) predicts collisions and warns the driver, before applying strong braking and retracting the front seatbelts if the situation becomes critical. The new CR-V will receive its international show debut in Paris on 28 September. Read More
February 1, 2006 Volvo's all-new S80 will be revealed to the public at the international motor show in Geneva on 28 February and is scheduled to arrive in European dealerships during June. Performance and power are entrenched priorities in the ultra-competitive luxury sedan segment, and Volvo Car's commitment to delivery these qualities yields an enthusiastic and refined combination of 235kW V8 power and all-wheel-drive performance. Read More
January 8, 2006 Hyundai Motor America’s stand at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit will today see the world debut of the new HCD9 Talus concept, a car which the company describes as for the person who “has grown accustomed to the needs and benefits of an SUV, but desires the emotional gratification of sports car styling and performance." Read More
September 28, 2005 The second coming of the oil crisis will yield some very impressive automotive electronic technologies and Mitsubishi is planning to show one of the first that fits into the mouth-watering next-generation electric vehicle category at next month's 39th Tokyo Motor Show. The Mitsubishi MIEV has four high-efficiency direct-drive motors inside its 20-inch wheels, each producing 50 kW of power and 518 Nm torque adding to maximum output of 200 kW (270 bhp). And because this drive system allows precise regulation of power at each individual wheel, it opens the door to creating a vehicle dynamics control system in its ultimate evolutionary form. Mitsubishi will also show the Concept-D:5, a go-anywhere, high-performance concept car that embodies the company's "utmost safety" ideal; and, Concept-X, a concept car with styling that raises the bar on performance car looks and also boasts Mitsubishi's 4WD-based Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC1). Read More