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KTM shows a new all-wheel-drive motorcycle under development

The all-wheel drive motorcycle seems certain to become more widespread over coming years as yet another major motorcycle manufacturer has disclosed its activities in the area. Austrian motorcycle powerhouse KTM is working in conjunction with Swedish Company Ohlins in the development of a mechanical/hydraulic system for driving the front wheel. A 2WD equipped KTM 525 EXC has been race tested in Europe recently by KTM Sport Director and former Factory Rider Kurt Nicoll. Austrian motorcycle powerhouse KTM has been around longer than Honda, Yamaha and Ducati, but only really became a recognised international marque in the last 25 years, thanks to its fast and reliable off-road motorcycles.  Read More

Yamaha two-wheel drive motorcycle

Sunday November 16, 2003 In one of the most significant moves in motorcycle history, Yamaha has announced that it will release a two-wheel drive motorcycle early in 2004.Though it is not the first two-wheel drive motorcycle in history, the new machine will be a landmark model as it seems certain to be the first of many - testing over the last five years has indicated enormous benefits in terms of safety, traction and (probably the one that counts most) outright cornering speed in slippery, sandy or muddy conditions.  Read More

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