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TabiMouse app turns iPhone into a mouse for the iPad


July 9, 2014

TabiMouse lets your iPhone serve as a trackpad mouse for a PC-emulating iPad

TabiMouse lets your iPhone serve as a trackpad mouse for a PC-emulating iPad

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You've got an iPhone and an iPad, but you don't have a mouse to use with the iPad ... or do you? Actually, Tabitop's new TabiMouse app converts an iPhone into a Bluetooth iPad-friendly mouse. The only catch is, you have to be willing to use your iPad as a PC.

The TabiMouse app is free, and allows the screen of an iPhone to function as a laptop-style trackpad. You tap the phone's glass with either one or two fingers to select between left and right mouse clicks, then simply slide your finger(s) around to correspondingly move the cursor on the iPad's display. It's also possible to scroll, zoom in or out, and drag and drop.

TabiMouse is intended for use with the Tabitop iPad app, however, which effectively turns the tablet into a cloud-based PC. Users can run full versions of Windows-based programs, on either a Windows 7 or 8 platform. Subscription prices for the service start at US$3.99 a month, which includes 35 GB of online data storage.

Source: Tabitop

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This turns the iPhone into a touchpad, not a mouse, there is a difference. I almost always carry around a mouse in my bag with my laptop because I can't stand using a touchpad. Touch screens are a nice alternative and you can install TouchMousePointer for Windows 8 ones.

If you jailbreak your iPad, you can install a new bluetooth stack and driver that allows a BT mouse connection. Why Apple still refuses to allow BT mouse to an iPad is beyond me but then look how long it took them to add a second mouse/trackpad button to their devices. Sometimes they get really pigheaded over there.

Rann Xeroxx
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