Sync Smartband is designed to keep tabs on the family


July 30, 2014

The Sync Smartband is intended for use by both parents and their children

The Sync Smartband is intended for use by both parents and their children

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It seems that wearable devices are trying to pack more and more functions into smaller forms, and a new one called Sync Smartband is shooting for being more than just your typical fitness band. From exercise tracking to keeping tabs on children, the Sync Smartband is trying to carve out a niche as a wearable for active parents and children.

Many of the features offered in the Sync Smartband involve tracking fitness, like others on the market. It tracks steps, calories, and sleep patterns. However, what makes it interesting is the location services that allow parents to receive notifications if their children wander too far away.

The main selling point of this particular band is called Digital Zone. With this, parents can set a certain area for their children to stay in, and if they leave, parents get a notification. Of course, if the children do wander away and the notification pops up, parents can track the location of the wrist band to find their kids.

The fitness tracking features are pretty standard, with the notable exception being that parents are able to track the activity levels of their children. In a world where less time is spent outside playing, this feature allows parents to make sure their kids are actually getting some physical activity.

The wristband also stores emergency contact information. Using this feature, others who are authorized through the application can access doctors' contact info, family contacts, and other information.

The wristbands themselves come in two sizes, one for adults, one for kids. The creators expect about three months of battery life on a CR2032 battery, depending on usage. It also uses Bluetooth Smart technology for communicating with a smartphone. This promises a 150-ft (45.7-m) outdoor range and a 50-ft (15.2-m) indoor range.

The team behind Sync is seeking funding on Indiegogo. It has a US$50,000 goal and is already fairly close to meeting that goal with over a month left in its funding campaign. Buyers interested in preordering a Sync Smartband for themselves can do so for a pledge of US$69 while the early specials last. Once those run out, the price jumps to $89. Once the bands ship next February (assuming they reach production), the final retail price is expected to be $129.

The Indiegogo pitch video below provides more information on the Sync Smartband.

Source: Indiegogo

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Your kid will learn to tie this on the dog in the first hour.


@Eddie - That can be worked around. Dog's move differently than people, and their biosigns are different. For instance they run at 101f normally. So it would not be too challenging to make the tracker not track the time it was on the dog.

I agree that safety devices like these are virtually worthless due to being a wristband that can be removed. The child tracker feature is not useful in a situation like the child "running away" or being kidnapped as everyone knows about these kinds of things now and the first thing that would happen is this tracker getting stripped off and dumped.

I think the best device that tracks kids in the event of something like that would have to be one that had a unique latch that could not be undone without a key, and a band that triggers a very loud alarm if the band is cut or broken. It's not perfect, but a better chance of interupting the crime in action.


My problem is the distant I don't ONLY want to be able to track my son when he's supposed to be with me, I want to track him if he runs out of school or away from my sister at the park. I want to be able to track him if he gets up at night and climbs out the window. This won't do that. I have yet to find one that does that and is not a watch. My son has Autism and I can't predict if he will even wear it so I'm kind of at a loose.

Rachel Humphrey
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