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Mobile sauna offers warm refuge for chilled out surfers


March 16, 2014

Surf Sauna was built by a group of surfers and craftsmen based in Portsmouth, New Hampshir...

Surf Sauna was built by a group of surfers and craftsmen based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire (Photo: Surf Sauna)

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For dedicated surfers, even the colder months aren't enough to keep them from a good swell. But if peeing in the wetsuit isn't fending off the cold anymore, it might be time to head to shore and the warm refuge of the Surf Sauna.

Able to be towed right onto the beach, the barrel-shaped Surf Sauna was built by a group of surfers and craftsmen based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, who came together through a local hacker space. The wood used for construction is hard-wearing rot-resistant Western Red Cedar, while the chassis is made from both "marine grade" galvanized and stainless steel in order to make sure it can withstand prolonged exposure to sea spray. Depending on the options chosen, Surf Sauna can accommodate between two and eight people.

The Surf Sauna can be towed right onto the beach (Photo: Surf Sauna)

As standard, the on-board sauna is propane-fired and sports a stainless steel Swedish sauna stove that can be topped with rocks to produce either a steam-filled or dry sauna. A wood-fired model is also available, with other optional extras including a suspended outdoor changing tent and shower, and a full off-road package comprising shovel, hi-lift jack and wide tires.

The Surf Sauna is available to purchase now, and the basic model will set you back US$16,400. The company plans to make it available for rent soon too.

Source: Surf Sauna

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There isn't a single town in Finland that doesn't have atleast one guy building these mobile saunas. Most are with wood stoves though.

We have sold these for ages for ~5-10k$.

It's a very cool thing to have, I wonder how common these are in cold places outside Scandinavia.

17th March, 2014 @ 02:23 am PDT
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