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Supercross Tundra beats out ski, rally and BMX teams in Toyota's SEMA challenge


November 7, 2013

The Let's Go Moto Tundra took home first place in Toyota's Dream Build Challenge

The Let's Go Moto Tundra took home first place in Toyota's Dream Build Challenge

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Instead of limiting its SEMA fleet to specialty vehicles it worked on itself, Toyota opened up the garage to professional Toyota Team athletes. The athletes worked with sponsors and aftermarket specialists in the Toyota Dream Build Challenge, developing dream vehicles for their sports. The tailgate-ready, portable bike repair center known as the "Let's Go Moto Tundra" proved victorious.

Developed by supercross pros Justin Brayton and Josh Grant with help from Joe Gibbs Racing Motocross and N-FAB, Inc., the Let's Go Moto is barely recognizable as a Tundra thanks to the NASCAR-inspired 8-foot pit box on the bed. The overhauled truck back combines racing functionality with after-racing recreation and relaxation.

Before, during and after the race or session, the Let's Go Moto keeps bikes and riders at their best with integrated tool storage, spare parts, a power washer and a helmet dryer. After the race is over and bikes put away, the truck doubles as a rolling outdoor entertainment center complete with retractable shades, TV and refrigerator. It's the perfect way to unwind after a long race – or relax in the sun without ever throwing your leg over the bike at all.

Fans certainly seemed to like it, voting it the best of the four Dream Build entries. Top Gear USAhost Rutledge Wood announced it the winner at the SEMA Show.

Of course, Brayton, Grant and Co. didn't cruise to victory without some serious competition.

Ultimate Dream Ski 4Runner

The Ultimate Dream Ski 4Runner got a full overhaul, inside and out

A rugged 4x4 like the 4Runner is already a good choice for shuttling family and friends to the slopes on powder mornings, and pro freeskier Simon Dumont, Oakley and Herbst Smith Fabrication teamed up to make it even better. The Ultimate Dream Ski 4Runner travels anywhere, winter or summer, thanks to its ridiculously beefy, one-of-a-kind front bumper with integrated LED cubes; Ultra Motorsports Xtreme race wheels jammed into BFGoodrich Mud Terrain tires; high-performance suspension; and 2-inch lift kit with billet trailing arms.

Skis are stored in the custom, low-profile roof box, which features an electronically-accessed rack arm controlled by iPad media stations inside. The tailgate opens up a work station and storage area with boot and glove dryers. It also packs a grill and Keurig coffeemaker for a little apres (or pre) ski fun. A booming sound system with JBL speakers and Kicker amplifiers and subwoofers serves up the entertainment.

The Ski 4Runner's tailgate includes ski-specific storage, along with a grille and coffeema...


There are countless Toyota Camry sedans all over the roads and highways, but few of them make it to the track. NASCAR racer Parker Kligerman turned to his team at Kyle Busch Motorsports to make the Camry serious about performance. They received help from Detroit Speed, Inc., the winner of last year's Dream Build Challenge, and built the rally-ready CamRally.

Performance is the name of the CamRally's game

To build it up to task, Kligerman and team gutted the venerable sedan, adding new components all over the running gear and powertrain. Those upgrades include Turbonetics turbocharging, a Spearco intercooler, custom exhaust, Baer brakes, overhauled suspension, and BFGoodrich Rival tires with Formula 43 wheels in the middle. The CamRally also has Lightforce HID driving lights and Lexan racing windows.

Crusher Corolla

The Crusher Corolla

Some of the other Dream builds included sound systems, but the Crusher Corolla was built around one. Designed by BMXer Drew Bezanson, Skullcandy and Motorsports Technical Center, the Crusher features an MV Designz custom stereo system with an iPad display and a set of removable external speakers. Its builders packed it with enough bass to weaken the knees. The Crusher also has built-in a Wi-Fi hotspot for watching and sharing video clips, and a rear rack system for dual BMX bikes.

After SEMA, the vehicles will travel with their athlete designers to events around the US.

"All our athletes and partners took their Toyota vehicles to new rugged, extremes for this year’s Dream Build Challenge," says Ed Laukes, vice president of marketing communications and motorsports for Toyota. "We’re looking forward to showing more fans the vehicles as we travel throughout the country."

Source: Toyota

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