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Cookie maker lets you dictate other peoples' fortunes


April 2, 2012

The Sunbeam Fortune Cookie Maker allows you to make your own fortune cookies, complete wit...

The Sunbeam Fortune Cookie Maker allows you to make your own fortune cookies, complete with fortunes that you write yourself

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“That could apply to anybody” is a commonly-heard complaint about the fortunes in fortune cookies. Well, imagine how much fun it might be if you could make fortune cookies yourself, with your own custom-written fortunes inside. That’s the idea behind Sunbeam’s Fortune Cookie Maker.

The device has a non-stick interior surface, and comes with a batter scoop, cookie-removal tongs, cookie-drying containers, a spatula-like tool, and a pen for writing fortunes – thank goodness they included that. Also included is a recipe for fortune cookie batter, with cooking instructions.

Only two cookies can be made at once, so this clearly is designed more for home users, as opposed to people intending to start up their own “funny fortune cookies” business. It sells for US$29.99.

Source: Sunbeam via 7 Gadgets

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Too bad the surface looks ilke teflon- that is a deal breaker.

Carlos Grados
4th April, 2012 @ 05:31 am PDT
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