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Suit Commute lets you ride to work and arrive 'wrinkle-free'


May 12, 2010

The Highson Suit Commute pannier flat back pack keeps your business clothes pressed and cl...

The Highson Suit Commute pannier flat back pack keeps your business clothes pressed and clean while you ride to work

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Trying to do the right thing by the environment and ride a scooter or bicycle to work is great – unless you have to wear a suit. Wear it riding and you can sometimes look like the “great unwashed” by the time you arrive at your desk. Place it carefully into a backpack and by the time you’re unpacking it, it looks like you ironed it with the leg of a chair. The Suit Commute, however, is designed to hold your neatly pressed suit and shirt in place so you arrive for the board meeting or job interview looking fit for the part (just don’t forget to fix your “helmet hair”).

Highson’s waterproof Suit Commute’s pannier backpack’s flat construction holds everything in place, including shoes and tie, and is not a bad idea for carrying your formal attire on an aircraft or the bus.

It has a crease-reducing removable hanger system (maximum suit size 44-inch) and can carry your laptop in a special compartment (up to 17 inch). The show pocket will take a UK size 12 and there’s even a towel section so you can wipe down before suiting up.

There’s a cell phone/MP3 player holder (on backpack strap) and the zips are water repellent. It weighs around 1.2kg and holds 41 liters of luggage, compressing to 20 liters, and its high visibility materials are important for road travel.

The Suit Commute is available from Highson for £39.99 .

You can also check out a video on the BBC's Dragon Den website.

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