Subaru's BRZ Concept sports car finally breaks cover


November 2, 2011

The BRZ Concept is expected to have exceptional driving dynamics

The BRZ Concept is expected to have exceptional driving dynamics

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It feels like we've been waiting for Subaru's BRZ concept forever. The BRZ is a joint development effort between Toyota and Subaru, using a 2.0 litre version of Subaru's signature horizontally-opposed engine with Toyota's direct injection system.

Toyota will sell the car as the FT-86 which it showed as a concept two years ago at the Tokyo Motor Show and has since shown with revised styling.

The near identical BRZ concept will be seen for the first time at the Los Angeles Auto Show two weeks from now and can be expected in showrooms in the United States spring of 2012.

It has been a long time coming, and why it has taken so long to materialize is uncertain. Subaru showed the skeleton and mechanicals of the BRZ at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, but the pic you're looking at is the only released image of the full car.

The BRZ employs a totally new 2.0-litre Boxer engine exclusively designed for the new sports car using direct injection and port injection technology from Toyota - dubbed the D-4S.

The front-engine, rear-wheel drive layout is Subaru's first since its very first car, the Subaru 1500 built in 1954.

The low and flat engine is mounted low in the car to assist with lowering the center of gravity, and by adding a lightweight body, Subaru is hoping to deliver what it is calling "Pure Handling Delight."

The Subaru BRZ Concept - STI will be on show at the Los Angeles Auto Show from November 18 through 27.

Toyota's FT-86


The reason this car has taken so long to get to market is that Toyota was not happy with the engine in its original form and spent money and time re-engineering it to be more efficient. Over that time, the price and weight and intended target audience has also changed.

Unfortunately, Subaru will not sell their version in all markets that already sell Subaru\'s because it does not fit with their all-wheel-drive branding in some markets.


The reason that this is a breakthrough design for Subaru is because it\'s the first car they\'ve ever done that\'s actually attractive.

Alan Mudd

I have always thought Subaru could birth an awesome sports car (as apposed to an awesome ralley car). The Murtaya kit in the UK built on the Impreza/WRX/STI chassis and drive train is a most impressive vehicle. Subaru could easily have come forth with something along those lines.

The BRZ fails on some major Subaru points - it is not AWD. A Subaru-produced sports car that is not AWD is a HUGE disappointment. It also does not appear to be a turbo offering.

The BRZ is a gorgeous car, but the world has plenty of choices for a rear drive sports car.

Bob Ehresman

@Oztechi You clearly haven\'t been reading up on this car. The engine that is going into this \"joint venture\" across all final production models will be the same. It, along with the entire drivetrain has been engineered exclusively by Subaru. Toyota hasn\'t touched the engine other than allowing Subaru to use their direct injection technology.

As far as it being RWD. Everyone knows that Subaru are famous for their AWD technology. They make the best in the world, however for a sports coupe like this, using RWD allows for a different driving experience and for the Boxer engine to sit lower and further back.

This is a unique system that will give the vehicle the lowest centre of gravity of any vehicle, and provide an incredible driving experience even at 200bho if that is all the final model produces.

In that regard I don\'t think it will disappoint whatsoever.


That watered down designed car isn't this one(the concept)

This is what should've been made

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