Subaru's tantalizingly assertive WRX Concept breaks cover in New York


March 30, 2013

Below the hexagonal grille work are deeper, lower valences with air-intakes to  enhance aerodynamics, engine cooling and downforce

Below the hexagonal grille work are deeper, lower valences with air-intakes to enhance aerodynamics, engine cooling and downforce

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Subaru’s latest WRX concept shown at the New York Auto Show this past week was needless to say, light on specifics, but heavy on the visuals.

One thing we do know from the show was that the concept was in fact 100 percent blue. Paying homage to the WRX’s legendary blue/yellow status in the rally community the concept was one pearlescent treat from start to finish. Gizmag’s own C.C. Weiss attending this week’s show in New York, did indeed attest to the new Subaru’s dynamic visual impact – as shown in the provided photographical documentation.

Beyond the blueness, the concept is said to provide design language cues for the next generation WRX. The result as a whole, is significantly lower, sleeker and more confident in its brashness than its predecessors.

Hexagonal themes mysteriously populate not only some of the car’s smaller design elements, but also the computer generated PR video at the end of this story.

A new carbon fiber roof plays a role in not only enhancing the WRX’s dynamic assertiveness, but also serves as a weight loss measure.

Rear haunches, still retain the current model's swollen characteristics, except here there’s a cleaner, tighter finish. Filling out those sexy new haunches is provided by BBS “RI-D” one piece forged Duralumin wheels and 245/40ZR20 Dunlop tires, with an exclusive tread pattern.

New hawk-eye headlight treatments complement rather nicely with the narrowed nose, whereas the bigger, bolder grille, sporting hexagonal design elements, makes the current model look old and bulgy by comparison.

Covering up the currently unknown turbocharged engine is managed by a rather pronounced powerbulge on the hood. Below the grille work are deeper, lower valences with air-intake functionality. These intake vents are in place to enhance aerodynamics, engine cooling while increasing downforce.

Up the sides Subaru reports a sharp "character line" running from the front, all the way back through to the taillights, visually interrupted only by those big AWD haunches that define the WRX. Fluorescent Yellow as an accent can be seen on the WRX badge, the Brembo brake calipers and the exhaust tip finishers. Again paying homage to the WRX’s early day color stylings.

A tighter cabin, with aggressively raked rear bits and a curved trunklid that acts as a functional spoiler, make the WRX appear almost coupe-like in its finished execution. Design elements from Infiniti’s G35 series and maybe BMW’s 6-series, plus a touch of Volvo and Civic Si are there to be sure but in a new way.

That hexagonal motif out on the back is carried over from the front grille. The exaggerated rear of the WRX, sports a serious turbulence diffuser for enhanced aerodynamics while sizeable quad exhaust pipes ensure we all know the thing means business.

So given the lack of engineering information, in combination with the fact it’s Easter Weekend, I’m just going to let you guys enjoy the visuals. We’ll keep watch for any information regarding underpinning, engine options and release details as the come available.

Source: Subaru

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Car looks like a Ford Taurus

Moses Anderson

This concept looks much better than the current WRX styling! Although it does seem to borrow design elements from Audi and BMW but that is a good thing.

I have always though Subaru should design a version for Japan and a version for other markets like Europe with its styling. They could have sold many more cars if they had done this, as many buyers walked away with some of the ugly design iterations of the past WRX's.


Anyone notice an annoying trend from most brands to slope/sharpen the roof with all vehicles great and small, be they sporty or otherwise.

By this I'm referring to front on view. What value is there from an 'aerodynamics to cabin space' point of view to make the vehicle roof smaller and smaller?

Or do they assume from year to year that drivers are actually getting shorter?

This in proportion to the other annoying trend to raise the door line and make the windows narrower eg - Crysler 300 and above. Which by the way is a contradiction to the short people theory as small people would struggle to see over the dash.

Yes I know its for increasing safety ratings, but there are more ways to achieve this goal without making all future vehicles look like Sherman tanks.


@Oztechi The Imprezza was a $13,000 car. The WRX is impressive on paper but when I looked at one all I could see was what looked like a $13,000 car that a teenager bolted a big spoiler to and hood scoop to. Especially the spoiler on the STI:

The concept is a nice step. The BRZ is sharp looking too.


When will Subaru bring back the Brumby ute? Just imagine the 2014 Subaru WRX Brumby. At least here in Australia it would sell and sell and sell.

Peter Verwey

I love my Audi, but I might cheat on her for a test drive!

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