Subaru set to fire out new 2015 WRX


December 30, 2013

WRX in its native environment, sliding around a corner on a dirt road

WRX in its native environment, sliding around a corner on a dirt road

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The Subaru WRX has always been a touchstone for rally car performance in a street legal car with its fast handling, turbocharged acceleration and hefty hood scoops. Subaru's long-awaited refresh adds a six speed manual or automatic gearbox, new styling, and bids farewell to the five door hatchback version.

The most dramatic changes are the addition of a six-speed manual or performance CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) which can be adjusted with paddle shifters on the steering wheel to eight different ratios. The CVT version also has a launch control mode, which is almost mandatory in this sort of performance car. Control settings for the transmission can be changed from "Intelligent" (for fuel economy), "Sport", and "Sport #" or Sport Sharp.

The propulsion unit is still the rally-car-specified 2.0 liter twin-spooled turbocharged and intercooled boxer four cylinder engine, but upgraded by 3 hp to 268 hp and sporting 258 lb-ft of torque. The new model has a curb weight of 3267 lbs (1482 kg), resulting in a zero-to-60mph (96 kph) time of 5.4 seconds, still quite respectable from a 2 liter four cylinder car.

The WRX also gets a new Variable Torque Distribution system to manage the all-wheel-drive system, moving power to the wheels with the best traction as needed to assist the car around corners.

The new model has also gained a bit in the wheelbase department, which Subaru says increases room in the cabin. The steering wheel was modified with a flat bottom, and Subaru will be offering a Harmon/Kardon 440 watt sound system for the first time.

Exterior styling appears a bit more "mature" than previous WRX models, which looked like some of the go fast bits had just been stuck on. The functional hood scoop has a smoother appearance, and sculpted details in the front and rear bumpers help loose some of the car's boxy looks. The windshield is also angled back a bit more, with the A Pillar moved 8 in (20cm) forward.

Subaru debuted the new 2015 model WRX at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto show and it's expected to hit showroom floors around March. The base sticker price for the 2015 model is expected to be in the same ballpark as the current car at around US$26,000.

Overall, the new WRX looks set to hold its special place in the heart of motoring enthusiasts, along with its rivals, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and the Volkswagen GTI, as a serious performance driving car that is also a practical everyday driver.

Check out the 2015 WRX in action in the Subaru promo video below.

Source: Subaru

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Due to an amputation last year, I can no longer drive a stick, and with a bit more than 12 Lbs/HP, and a CVT with 8 speeds, 3 modes, and launch control, I like this very much

Tom Sobieski

"..bids farewell to the five door hatchback version.."

It's great that Subaru has decided to join it's competition with updated transmission options, and a remodel that's more than just cosmetic, as the last couple iterations have been. However, 49% of their WRX sales have been hatchbacks, and to not offer a hatch as an option is incredibly short sighted. Perhaps they're holding back with a late model-year addition?

It would have made more sense to only offer the hatch and not the sedan as there are things that a hatch can do that the sedan can't, but not vice versa.


Unless it is a hatch it isn't a WRX. A 4 door at this size is a useless vehicle because the trunk is so small. Which is why hatches were invented. I used to like the WRX but without a hatch I will have to look elsewhere.


No thanks Subaru. You could've got my business if you came out with the concept. Im counting my blessings I didn't sell my 350z for this bloated, uninspired version of what you call the wrx. Falls very short of my expectations. No hatch, no want .

Gary Ga

Agree with the others re this being a bit pointless as a saloon (sedan in US-speak).

Also manages to look rather dated and 'me-tooish' in the styling department- Subaru's have rarely been great lookers admittedly, but occasionally they have produced a stunner- such as the SVX coupe of a couple of decades ago (admittedly it hasn't dated all that well but looked fantastic at the time).


"propulsion unit is still the rally-car-specified 2.0 liter twin-spooled turbocharged and intercooled boxer four cylinder engine"

STILL the 2.0 liter? The out going model is 2.5 liter boxer. Wow.


I'm sorry, is it just me or am I looking at a Lancer Evolution VIII, with 2005-07 FORESTER head lights? Fail, Subaru. Dazzle us next year? We all have hick ups, just PLEASE don't change your amazing AWD system... :)


Hmmmmm No hatchback hmmmm starting to look like a honda civic with a 98 subaru legacy gt front end. OK Subaru stop playing around lol what does the new 2015 WRX really look like? The concept was looking kinda sweet and mean!

Kevin Esses

What is everyone here talking about. The wrx and STI have always been a 4 door except for the very ugly previous generation hatch. One could get the WRX in 4 door or 5 door wagon form. The hatch was a previous experiment that sold poorly here in the states. Performance was decent, but they were fugly. I rather like the new styling, but they need to continue making the wagon version as well.

Michael Wilson
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