Story adds a workstation to the sofa bed


October 28, 2012

Story can be used as a regular sofa, with the added advantage of storage underneath

Story can be used as a regular sofa, with the added advantage of storage underneath

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Our shrinking urban living spaces have spawned lots of architectural attempts at creating new housing that is small but perfectly formed, but what about those who already own or rent an apartment or flat? They have to rely on inventiveness to create more space from nothing. The "Story" tackles this idea with a new addition to an old favorite – it's a sofa bed and workstation combined.

A final project study by Fanny Adam, a student at École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (EnsAD), the Story answers a design brief for a sofa that successfully overcomes the challenges linked with living in urban dwellings.

Sofa beds obviously aren't new, but Story also features a tabletop built into the headboard, which, with the addition of a barstool or two, can be used as either a small dining area or as a workstation.

The Formica sofa also features plenty of storage space, with drawers located underneath the sitting/sleeping area. When Story is laid out as a sofa these drawers pull out forward, and when it's laid out as a bed these drawers pull out from the side. Thanks to an ingenious design the armrests of the sofa become the headboard of the bed.

Unfortunately the project piece is just a one-off, but I suspect the idea could take off. While it may not individually be the greatest sofa, bed, or workstation ever forged, it could be the greatest combination of all three. In fact, it could be the only combination of all three.

Source: Archello via Home Crux

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In Manhattan, the tiny living space is nothing new. I saw a man open a closet door, sit down on a chair in the closet, and proceed to operate his PC which was on a shelf in the closet. This was not a walk-in closet either, it was no bigger than a normal hall closet. It looked strange to me at the time.


No matter who wins on November 6th I see most Americans living this way soon.

The Hoff

This looks like the WORST of all worlds... an uncomfortable sofa, a lumpy bed and an inconvenient desk.


Maverick62, remember that this was a student project so they were on a strict budget far below what even a prototype would normally receive. IF this were put into production, it would no doubt get better components. But the concept is for people who are probably living on uncomfortable sofa beds and using small inconvenient desks anyway; this just combines all of that to save space.

I love the captain draws...I would definitely buy this if, as I suggested, more care was put into the construction.

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