The Stooler turns almost anything into a chair


February 27, 2013

The Stooler allows almost anything to be converted into a chair

The Stooler allows almost anything to be converted into a chair

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Upcycling is an often overlooked method of creating something worthwhile and usable from things most people would happily bin. Thankfully a select few designers are taking the practice seriously, and incorporating it into their work. One of the best examples comes from Andreu Carulla, the Spanish designer behind The Stooler, a simple tool which enables almost anything to be turned into a chair.

The Stooler comprises four wooden legs connected by ratchet buckles. These can be pulled tight around different objects, instantly turning them into stools. This simple and unassuming method means anyone could create their own furniture, with no real skill or power tools required for the job.

Most of the materials cited as examples – a yoga ball, a packing crate, even a bale of hay – could be used as a seat without any need for The Stooler. However, even with those materials, The Stooler adds stability and visual appeal. With others, such as the collection of branches and pile of old newspapers, The Stooler would be an essential structural element.

The Stooler is a practical solution to several problems. It provides a purpose for materials or objects that would otherwise be pointless, it provides a way of creating new temporary chairs when the situation calls for them, and it offers creative people a means of expressing themselves without needing to really know what they're doing (I imagine kids would love experimenting with it).

Those seeking to purchase The Stooler should contact Utoopic, but sadly there are no details regarding pricing or availability listed on the site.

Sources: Andrea Carulla, Utoopic via Designboom

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