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Stique's Multilever combines tire levers with cycling tools


July 22, 2014

The Stique Multilever ML123

The Stique Multilever ML123

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Cycling multi-tools are sort of like smartphone cases, in that there seems to be no end to the innovations that are possible. One that recently caught our eye was the Nutter, which consists of a tire lever that does double duty as ... well, as a bunch of things. Many people prefer to use a couple of smaller levers as opposed to one big one, however. Those people might be interested in the Stique Multilever ML123.

The Multilever is actually a set of two tire levers along with a third lever-like tool, that are held together via embedded magnets. They're made from a "metal-replacement" polymer which is lighter than steel, and reportedly 90 percent stronger than regular plastic levers – an important consideration, given plastic levers' tendency to snap under pressure.

The three main pieces of the set each contain a number of built-in tools/functions. These include two sizes of Allen key bits, a T25 Torx wrench bit, a Philips #2 screwdriver, two sizes of spoke wrenches, two chain link holders, two coin holders, a bottle opener, a puncture pad holder, a heart rate monitor battery storage compartment and (a little surprisingly) a thermometer.

In its current form, the fully-loaded prototype weighs 144 g (5 oz).

Greg McDonald, the UK-based inventor of the Multilever, is raising production funds on Kickstarter. A pledge of £20 (about US$34) will get you one, when and if they're ready to go.

You can see the tool in use, in the following pitch video.

Sources: Stique, Kickstarter

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Give me a Cool Tool and a tyre lever (or tyre jack) any day. A chain link holder is only any use if you can remove the broken bit you're replacing.


Completely agree, TheSplund, which is why our next lever, which is currently in development, will contain a chain-breaker and, all being well, a tyre pressure gauge as well. We've just added areas in the first three levers to store little things (like chain-links and batteries) that are often left behind or forgotten. Our plan is also to come out with a two-lever set next year which would place tool bits where the coin holders are, as not everyone needs coins for parking where they ride. We have quite a few product ideas that we're working on to cover mountain-biking, road cycling (including sportives-oriented products), urban cycling and winter training. Some of these will use the same metal-replacement plastic that we're using in the Multilever.

Greg McDonald
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