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Why sleep on a bed when you can have a giant hammock?


October 16, 2012

The Koala 45 from Stal Collectief

The Koala 45 from Stal Collectief

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Beds are so 2011. It's 2012, so why not sleep on a giant hammock every night? The Koala 45 is a giant mix between and a hammock and strap bed that looks incredibly interesting. The straps are pulled taut, with holes in between them to keep the sensation of being suspended in the air on a hammock.

The Koala 45 is quite tall, so it looks like it would give the user the feeling of hanging. It's also big ... really, really big. It is designed to fit up to eight people, although it doesn't look like all eight of those people could actually lie comfortably on it. For that large amount of people, it looks more like you would use it as a place to sit and relax. Honestly, who is going to have eight people trying to sleep in one bed at the same time anyway?

The crazy thing about the this hammock/strap bed is that it is held together with only 12 bolts. The fact that it is strong enough to hold eight people with so few attachment points is a testament to the design.

Speaking of design, this product is the creation of the folks at Stal Collectief, which is a collaboration between designers Len de Paepe, Bob Segers, Tim Vranken and Jonas Blondeel. The design firm is based out of Belgium, where the four young designers went to school together.

The bed is not for sale directly on the Stal Collectief website. If you are interested in purchasing one, you will need to contact the designers using the email on the website's About page.

Source: Stal Collectief

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Becuase you'll wake up mashed face-to-face with your partner? Unless it has the ability to form two 'grooves' which this doesn't look to


Actually I would say that this is not a hammock but a cot.


Ozuzi they have straps between the single person area to avoid that. I agree it's just a cot with little reason for the height or top.

I speep on my Catamaran tramp and it is very cooling even in 90F nights we get in Key West because of airflow from below but this can be had at much lower cost from a cot, etc.

Don't really care for hammocks as they sag too much, etc.


I was thinking the same thing just like sleeping on a trimaran tramp. I really like the idea for some Glamping I want to try.

Brently Gill

It would be alot simpler, to just assemble a trampoline. most likely be a lot cheaper too.


Not actually a hammock but still a nice design

brazilian hammocks

Several months ago, I saw a picture online of using an old trampoline frame to build a DIY covered swing for outdoors. The same thing could be done indoors to replicate this and it would be much less expensive. I see old trampoline frames being given away on craigslist often enough.

Gene Jordan

If one covers it with a bug screen, I think it could be used outdoors so one could sleep under the sky without having to worry about being eaten alive by bugs. IMO; it looks really relaxing.

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