Sony shows Vaio X-Series netbook at IFA


September 3, 2009

Sony shows Vaio X-Series

Sony shows Vaio X-Series

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Sony has provided a glimpse of the next installment in its Vaio ultra-portable laptop line at IFA 2009 - the carbon fiber clad Vaio X series. Powered by what's billed as "an all-day battery", the slimline X-series is just over half an inch thick (14 mm), weighs 1.5 pounds (700 grams), sports a 11.1-inch display and backs the rugged credentials of its carbon fiber frame with what looks to be a very usable aluminum keyboard.

The machine on show at IFA is still at pre-production prototype stage and final details are thin on the ground ahead of an expected October launch. The processor is expected to be of the Intel Atom variety (although this hasn't been confirmed) and the battery type is also under wraps - though it's expected to deliver "all day Internet computing".

The slimline form factor includes an SD/Memory Stick slot in the front, 2 USB ports and headphone jack on the right and Ethernet and VGA on the left.

Nicole Scott from ran the camera over the Vaio X at Sony's IFA press conference:

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