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Sony Party-shot snaps pictures while you party


August 10, 2009

The Sony Party-shot works with your Cyber-shot camera to pan, tilt, and take pictures auto...

The Sony Party-shot works with your Cyber-shot camera to pan, tilt, and take pictures automatically

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You’re throwing a big party, and you want it be a night to remember. You’ve invited some cool friends, stocked up on good beer, and have the stereo cranked up to 11. Only one thing could make this shindig any better – a robot photographer! Well fear not, Sony’s got your back with the new Party-shot robotic camera dock that automatically pans, tilts, and takes snapshots while you go for the cheese dip.

The Party-shot is a 'personal photographer' accessory for Sony’s new DSC-WX1 and DSC-TX1 Cyber-shot digital cameras (it doesn’t work with older models). When you attach your camera to the Party-shot, the cradle interacts with the camera's Face Detection and Smile Shutter features to aim, compose, and snap photos without you needing to press the shutter button. The unit pans 360° and tilts 24°, so you can leave it in the middle of the buffet table to catch all the action.

After the party you can check the Cyber-shot’s memory card to relive all those great candid moments you got to be part of, instead of being stuck behind the camera all night. And with any luck, you’ll find out who poured punch into the fish tank.

The Sony Party-shot operates on two AA batteries or an optional AC adapter. The Party-shot will be available in September for US$150.

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