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Sony announces 200 frame per second Bravia LCD TV


August 28, 2008

Sony announces 200 frame per second Bravia LCD TV

Sony announces 200 frame per second Bravia LCD TV

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August 28, 2008 Sony has announced a 200Hz LCD TV at IFA. The new Z4500 LCD TV uses Sony’s proprietary Motionflow 200Hz system to calculate three additional frames for every original, upping the frame rate from 50 to 200 frames per second. A complementary image enhancement technology called IB Reduction (Image Blur Reduction) boosts the sharpness of the final picture by improving the original, frame by frame, before it is processed by the Motionflow 200Hz. The result is the smoothest and clearest motion reproduction to be achieved by an LCD to date.

Whether allowing you to see the fine detail in a panning shot, or crisp motion clarity in sports broadcasts, the 200Hz Motionflow Bravia sets new standards in image quality for LCDs.

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