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AKA-DM1 – a Sony Action Cam harness for your dog


April 19, 2013

The AKA-DM1 is a dog harness which, when paired with a Sony Action Cam, allows you to view...

The AKA-DM1 is a dog harness which, when paired with a Sony Action Cam, allows you to view the world from your pet's perspective

With integrated Wi-Fi, various slo-mo modes and a waterproof casing, the Sony Action Cam is a worthy opponent to the GoPro. What's clearly lacking, however, is a harness allowing owners to mount the Action Cam to their dogs. Until now.

The AKA-DM1 is an Action Cam accessory for discerning dog owners. It's a harness which hooks over and around the dog's torso, with a mount for the Action Cam on top – thus dog owners will be able to shoot footage from their pooch's perspective.

The harness is adjustable, but only suitable for dogs who weigh more than 15 kg (33 pounds) and have a belly circumference of between 50 and 80 cm (20 to 31 inches).

The AKA-DM1 is being launched on April 26 in Japan and is priced at ¥5,250. There's no word yet on availability in other regions, so Japanese dogs look set to be the only extreme canines for the time being.

Source: Sony Japan via New Launches

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If anyone uses this they should be prepared for lots of views from under the dog because it WILL slip round and the weight will descend to the lowest point.

I know all about this having a Newfoundland and the problems I had getting a harness that would keep a pouch in place on his back. In the end I used a modified sled dog harness that had the extra straps necessary.

19th April, 2013 @ 03:58 pm PDT
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