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SONOS introduces 9-speaker PLAYBAR soundbar


February 12, 2013

The new wireless SONOS PLAYBAR

The new wireless SONOS PLAYBAR

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For optimal sound from a home theater system, a true surround sound set of speakers is the way to go, but for many people they are impractical. That's where soundbars come into play. They offer a simulated surround sound experience, without all the wires and speakers. SONOS, the company best known for its Zoneplayer line, is getting into the soundbar game with its new 9-speaker PLAYBAR.

The new PLAYBAR features six mid-woofers and three tweeters, which allows it to hit sounds in every range. The far left and right tweeters are angled up, which helps the system create a wider sound, and goes further towards creating the illusion of true surround sound in a one-piece design.

The most intriguing thing about the PLAYBAR is the accelerometer that detects orientation and adjusts the EQ accordingly. This allows the soundbar to create the optimal sound based on where it's placed in the home theater set-up.

The PLAYBAR connects to TVs, cable boxes, video game systems and other pieces of hardware through its optical port. It is able to handle most audio formats such as Dolby Digital 2.0, Dolby Digital 5.1, and PCM.

The PLAYBAR is also interesting because it can integrate with other SONOS wireless products. This means you can actually create a fully wireless surround sound system using this soundbar and other SONOS products. It even integrates with the SONUS SUB to give everything a little more bass.

The PLAYBAR can be controlled through the available app on a smartphone, PC, or Mac. If you prefer, you can also control the device using a universal remote.

Interested buyers can purchase the new SONOS PLAYBAR now, and the company plans to ship them by March 5th. The MSRP of the new soundbar is US$699.

Source: SONOS

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Sonos makes some nice looking speaker gear.

Joe F

The design is passe. End panels clumsy.

But I'll bet that it has great sound.

Lewis Dickens
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