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Solar-powered robot waddles, swims, rolls and lurches in 14 ways


May 1, 2013

Quadru-bot is just one of the kit's 14 forms

Quadru-bot is just one of the kit's 14 forms

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Robots made for kids tend to move in a way that can only be described as lurching. The 14-in-1 Educational Solar Robot Kit puts that expectation to good use with its shambling Zombie-Bot model, but with thirteen other forms, it can also mimic several animals, wheeled transportation, robots, and even multiple seafaring contraptions. As it's equipped with a solar panel you'll never have to have to find a battery charger.

The fourteen models are divided into two skill levels. Level one consists of a Turtle-bot, Beetle-bot, Quadru-bot, Boat-bot, Walker-bot, Dog-bot, and Wheel-bot. Level two adds the Roly Poly-bot, Auto-bot, Slither-bot, Surf-bot, Zombie-bot, Crab-bot, and Row-bot.

Conceivably you could design a new configuration as well. The kit allows the user to change the direction of the motor, pack the robot head away in the body, and install the head in different orientations on the gearbox. It also has transparent housing which exposes the gears, as is nearly required in all good kids' toys with moving bits.

The 14-in-1 Educational Solar Robot Kit is priced at US$31.95, or roughly $2.28 per way to chase the cat. Which one is your favorite? Judge for yourself in the video below.

Product page: OWI 14 in 1 Educational Solar Robot Kit

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