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Daliesque speaker boasts Stradivarius sound at a stupendous price


December 3, 2009

The Sogno speakers boast a distinctive design that produces Stradivarius-like vibrations for sound reproduction

The Sogno speakers boast a distinctive design that produces Stradivarius-like vibrations for sound reproduction

Anyone who thinks speakers should be heard and not seen will want to steer clear of these unique speakers from Ciresa. Designed by the NTY Line studio in Lyons, the Sogno speakers are part of Ciresa’a Opera Sonora line. While they would look right at home in Dali’s living room, they're not just intended to freak out any house guests. Their design is also meant to reproduce vibrations similar to that of famous Stradivarius violins.

The speakers are constructed using stainless steel and Fiemme tonewood from the Fiemme Valley in Italy, which has long, straight parallel fibers that supposedly enhance the way the sound travels. According to the company, the “intangible volume of the half-sphere collects the hanging bass element, essential in its cubic form.” We’re not exactly sure what that means, but the assumption is it means they sound good.

The Sogno has a frequency response of 150 to 20,000Hz and measures 970 x 1120 x 2010mm (3.2 x 3.8 x 6.6ft) with its sculptural holder. Besides looking like a work of art, the Sogno is also priced like one. They cost US$263,000 each.

Via Bornrich.org

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Awesome! I\'ll build you a pair for that price, and deliver them.

On a dragon.

Send me your cc#...


And I\'ve got a set of SVS speakers with flat frequency response from 25hz to 20,000hz for under a $1,000.

I doubt if this is 263x \"better\".

Rich pretentious idiots and their toys... well, at least some wood and metal craftsmen somewhere are employed to make these is the only consolation.

If they sell one pair it will be too many...

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