Snugpak sleeping bag features built-in LED light


May 3, 2012

The LED light sleeps with you and is ready whenever you need it

The LED light sleeps with you and is ready whenever you need it

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The fearsome midnight pee: it's an experience that every camper would prefer to avoid. Yet long nights mixed with (lots of) cheap, light beer and chilly tents have a way of making wee-hour tinkles an inescapable part of the outdoor experience. The Snugpak Chrysalis sleeping bag arms you with a new weapon in the fight to break out of your tent and turn the faucet on high: a built-in LED light.

As helpful as it is, a little, old LED light won't exactly make midnight nature calls a welcome experience. You still have to work the zippers on the sleeping bag, tent and rain fly, wander out into the freezing cold night in your drawers, and stand around peeing while wondering what kind of creature that ominous screech in the brush belongs to.

What the LED will do, though, is get you on your way in and out as quickly as possible. Because without a light on your sleeping bag, you're left thrashing about in the dark trying to find your flashlight or headlamp while waking all your tent mates. With the LED tucked neatly into its own pocket, you simply grab the light and get on with it.

Snugpak claims that the Chrysalis is the only sleeping bag in the world that offers the simple feature. The light fits into a small pouch over your head, where it's readily available when you need it (assuming you remember to keep it in the pouch and don't leave it next to your flashlight under a pile of clothes in the corner). It's a simple upgrade but a smart one that could really help you out every time you camp.

Other than its world-only LED, the Chrysalis is a basic sleeping bag. It comes in several different versions rated anywhere from 2 C to - 20 C (35 F to -4 F). Reflectatherm fabric mirrors body heat and retains extra warmth, while width and length adjustments keep the bag snug. Prices start at around US$81.

We love the idea of a built-in LED, but it would really work well if it was built into something like the Selk'Bag. Then you could have an affixed LED headlamp that couldn't get lost, and you could just get up and go without even taking the bag off. That's the type of pee dreams are made of.

Source: Snugpak via Outdoors Magic

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Now, if only they could solve the problem of turning inside the bag, so you can no longer find the zipper or air hole problem. The flashlight would be better suited on the inside of the bag, perhaps on the draw string for the hood. You know, where I keep mine. A small AAA battery penlight with a mister twisty key ring, and you can add it to any sleeping bag.


What you really need is a plastic urinal bottle. Don't worry about midnight nature calls. You don't even need a light. The bottle has a lid, by the way. If you are worried about spillage, put it out of your sleeping bag after use! It is of course discreet, as well as being very convenient.

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