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Snapper Cap gives the lens cap a new purpose in life


October 28, 2013

The Snapper Cap protects a lens and adds the storage space needed for stowing a spare memory card

The Snapper Cap protects a lens and adds the storage space needed for stowing a spare memory card

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Lens caps normally serve just one purpose, that of protecting your lenses from getting bashed around and scratched when not in use. But the photographer behind a current Kickstarter project thinks they should do more. His creation, the Snapper Cap, not only protects a lens, but also adds the storage space needed for stowing a spare memory card or lens wipe.

At first glance, the Snapper Cap looks like a traditional squeeze lens cap. It works with standard screw-on lens filters and will protect your lens as well as any other. But flip it over and the difference soon becomes apparent, as a range of push-in inserts gives photographers a dedicated space to store small items.

The idea is that photographers select the right insert for their memory card of choice and then simply slot a spare card into the designated space. The memory card is then housed in a clean environment between the lens and the lens cap, ready to be used when needed. The Compact Flash insert can alternatively be used to store a lens wipe.

Creator James Sale says he came up with the idea for the Snapper Cap because he knows all too well how easy it is to lose a memory card in a bag full of camera gear, or suffer a failing card while shooting, and not have easy access to a replacement. When designing the product, he opted for using a squeeze lens cap, rather than a pinch one, because it was easier to create the storage space while keeping similar physical dimensions to a traditional cap.

If successful, the current Kickstarter campaign will see a Snapper Cap to fit lenses with a 67-mm filter thread go into production. However, stretch goals may be added for other size options, with plans for 49, 52, 58, 67, 72 and 77-mm versions. Caps designed for 58-mm thread lenses or smaller will only fit the SD card insert, while larger ones can also take the Compact Flash insert. Snapper Caps also feature a space for adding a QR code decal with your contact information encoded (available with a US$5 pledge), to increase the chance of getting any lost gear returned.

A pledge of $15 is currently enough to get you a 67-mm Snapper Cap with one SD card insert and one Compact Flash card insert. Once the early bird specials have gone, the price will rise to $20. If funding is successful, they should start shipping in May 2014.

A demo of the Snapper Cap can be seen in the pitch video below.

Source: Snapper Cap, Kickstarter

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Well, If they make a 52mm version I might get one but until then, meh..


Great! Now instead of losing a lens cap the photographer also loses all the image files they captured onto the flash card.

Why not put a lens brush or other item that has less value and is easily replaced?


Calson, I appreciate your concerns and I'm glad I get to address them. I would never recommend keeping a memory card with images in the lens cap! I'm the inventor of the Snapper Cap™, my design is intended for storing a formatted back-up memory card in the lens cap. This makes a memory card available at a moments notice. After all a camera is pointless without a working memory card! Basically, it's an improved lens cap that has more useful functions than currently available lens caps.

KRC- If funding allows I will be adding stretch goals. I admit this is a bit like starting a shoe company with only size 9 shoes. If anyways has any questions please feel free to contact me via my facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/snappercap

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