Pebble's Time Round gets more fashion focus

With a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, the Time and Time Steel smartwatches proved to be pretty big hits for Pebble in 2015. But the company isn't done for the year just yet, now introducing the Time Round. With a, you guessed it, round face, the new timepiece is much more fashion-conscious than anything else we've seen from the company, but that focus has lead to cut backs in other areas.Read More

Omate is back with another standalone smartwatch – this time running full Android Lollipop

Smartwatches are designed to provide mobile notifications and functionality without needing to reach for a smartphone. But they usually fall short of replacing your smartphone, instead requiring that a handset be in range and connected via Bluetooth. Omate has just announced its latest standalone smartwatch, the Omate TrueSmart+, which (like several other watches that attempt to replace a phone) can call, text, and email with its own wireless connection.Read More


Review: Huawei Watch

Good looks can do wonders for any gadget, but when it comes to wearable gadgets, an attractive design can change everything. Meet the Huawei Watch: a familiar Android Wear experience on the inside, but the best-looking smartwatch design to date on the outside.Read More

Huawei Watch: Early impressions

The Huawei Watch has been a long time coming, with its first public appearance coming at Mobile World Congress back in March. More than six months later, we finally have the Android Wear device in house and – holy Switzerland, Batman! – is this one nice-looking watch.Read More


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